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  1. ebeck30

    Day 11

    Well nothing has happened but ill started posting from here now. So far all i have had was very very dry lips, scalp and peeling on my face... I also notice my hands look very chapped and red and rough ... Ive been using aquphor and carmax many time throughout day and at night i cake up my lips. I also have started using a humidifer in my room at night thinking that i could use it... sinc eim so dry.. face is starting to look better all the big bumps have went down and they are just like litt
  2. ebeck30

    Jan 21 (day 1)

    Today i started my accutane journey. Kinda nervous but very excited to see how well it really works. Im taking pics as well to post at a later date.
  3. wow thats totally amazing from where u started ....im 12 days into mine i will post pics when mine gets a little better keep us posted with pics