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    If you look up the oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid contents of each oil, it's suggested that certain balances of these result in a less comedogenic oil.... hemp and argan are pretty even with how least pore clogging they're supposed to be from my research, and sure enough I tried them and they were fine. Other oils I've tried that did cause acne even if slightly: sweet almond oil beef tallow jojoba shea sunflower oil ( this can be okay if you find one
  2. Worked when nothing else did ( and over 10 years of trying )

    I've tried different strengths of BP, Differin Gel + Cream versions, Acnomel, Clean & Clear, Proactiv, Good Genes, Salicylic Acid and more...you name it and I've more than likely tried it. So far this stuff works the best, I have acne related to poor digestion/poor microbiome that is either cystic or just really big, constant and painful. I don't get breaks in acne but it does get worse around period-time. My zits will nearly be gone the next day and certainly not painful if I use this at ni
  3. Yeah Mabel + Meg sure is pricey, I live in Canada so it ended up being more than I'd like for a teeny 20ml bottle. I've been using it for the past 1-2 weeks or so. I've noticed my skin where there isn't acne looks amazing and actually really good moisture which is something I can NEVER achieve usually. I'm auburn hair + green eyes + freckles=very fair and it seemed to even drastically fade some small visible red veins. As for the relevant info, my acne seems to be drying up quite a bit. I'm also
  4. Melissa//


    Oops I meant does work for 98% of people. And 2% it doesnt. -_- Sorry
  5. Melissa//


    Well I did just make an account to respond to this, but I'm not some robot working for Pronexin. xD My doctor told me once that I dont have a..or part of an enzyme in my skin that breaks down infection, which makes me skin sensitive times infinity. I couldnt wear clothes for the first 5/6 years of my life because basic clothing gave me a rash. I've tried prescribed topical creams, Differin(blackheads) Works like a charm. Clindoxyl(to suppress zits) Also works amazingly and Bacroban..because I'v