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  1. I'm pretty sure because nothing else changed when I took those. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to look into it!
  2. oh and by the way I eat a good diet, green smoothie every morning, I try to stay away from dairy, fast food, and sugar.
  3. Fish oil, vitamin A and B complex all caused a major breakout. I REALLY don't get it, cause they have helped so many other people. Evening primrose oil (alone) used to be my go-to supplement, but I bought a new brand (but still cold pressed/hexane free) and it gave me cysts! So now I'm just really confused....I have been thinking about take the fish oil and EPO together cause that's what everyone says you are supposed to do, but I'm nervous... Anyone have any suggestions? or in the same boat?
  4. I've noticed that BLEACHED wheat flour breaks me out, but not unbleached. Also sugar. I have a sweet tooth too, so I try to eat some fruit when I get a craving.
  5. I bought the Zeno blemish prevent kit which I think is pretty similar. The problem is the device stopped working after only a few uses. If you look at reviews on amazon, you may find similar stories. These reviews say that it DOES work (if the device works) but I didn't get to use mine enough to see a difference.
  6. I'm a little skeptical about the "initial breakout" that people say happens with some products. I've tried clindamycin, and it worked really well for the 1st 2 weeks, then it kinda stopped working. Someone once told me that you should use it with BP at the same time, to prevent resistance.
  7. I like to use TTO as a toner because it's the only thing that results in leftover dirt/make-up on the cotton ball. But I use it undiluted (I don't have any adverse reactions). Is it better to mix with something (like water or aloe vera gel/juice)? Thanks!
  8. I used to think it made my acne worse, but not anymore. It's really hard to say because people have acne for different reasons, for me it was stress. Do other soy products (tofu or edamame) break you out?
  9. I second the diet recommendations!
  10. Cleanser: Avalon Vit C cleanser Body wash: Not sure. I don't have body acne, but my friend uses a BP face wash on her body and it seems to help benzoyl peroxide: Neutrogena on the spot Scars cream or something good for scars: jojoba oil Acne cream: Other than BP, tea tree oil is pretty good
  11. The skin brightening scrub is a seriously awesome cleanser.
  12. Hello all, I hear a lot of different things about toning...some are for it and some against. I'm undecided myself, but I noticed that when I use 100% TTO as a toner, there is left over dirt/makeup on the cotton ball, that I DON'T get when I use other toners. I also read that a lot of people dilute TTO and use that as a toner, but I'm thinking the reason why it works better is cause of "like dissolves like" since it's an oil, it will get more stuff out. So I want to continue using it as I have
  13. That Oprah idea is nice, but not when you can't pay rent.. This is an interesting article: http://greenopolis.com/myopolis/blogs/ares...dnt-buy-organic And I don't know where you live, but Trader Joe's is pretty good for healthy/organic food that's cheap...
  14. There's a lot of good advice/regimens on this thread, but what I do is mix a little bit of Neutrogena Healthy Skin (w/ AHA) with a couple drops of jojoba oil and use that at night.