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Claire Fincham

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  1. Claire Fincham

    Urine therapy .

    I was hearing alot about urine therapy and i laughed , I kept on procrastinating to try it out, but i was always to busy . I just recently had my best friend move in with me and we both have been experincing acne problems so we decided to try it for fun , We both have quite a bit of guts , i know it sounds disgusting ,but I put it on and it tingled a bit but it streches out your face and after 10 mins my face smelt like popcorn , so did my friends , its kinda just like using a normal acne produc
  2. Claire Fincham

    Urine therapy...

    Lol . Me and my best friend heard about it , we started laughing so we went and took a bottle and pissed in it . And it didnt bother us at all , i don't find it that embaressing , We are going to try it every night , she also lives with me . But good luck .