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  1. The last post I made embarrased me, I dont want people to see it. THank you. Please do so soon, my parents are joining acne.org
  2. wow ur skin is so beautiful now so how many months of accutane where u on?

  3. Heey everyone, I havent been on in ages ! Hope you all are having good experiences and progress. I have SMASHHING news I have NO acne ! no more. I havent had any for 2 months. Only 2 tiny whiteheads during 1 week of the month. Im so ecstatic ! <3 I feel really confident but not in fluorescent lighting ! its a b**** ! honestly it is. I look at myself and I get so angry still. I feel sometimes the acne will come back when im emotional, but my doctor said it was my hormones and now they h
  4. Heey I just got ur message and I will be putting some up. My post accutane results are amazing, I get 2 tiny tiny little pimples no one sees and im happy about that :D

  5. Got any pictures of your post accutane progress?

  6. I hate these breakouts but they are from my monthly cycle, which SUCKS But I feel confident most of the time. I cant help but feel my skin is shit. Sometimes I walk down the halls at school and want to hide. But people tell me how beautiful and flawless my skin is, which can be very weird. Im doing amazing, and I hope for the best to all the people using accutane on Acne.org!
  7. Hey, I didnt mean it like that, I randomly chose these! The top few that popped up on the internet.
  8. Yea, the marks are the most annoying imo.

    but ill just try to let them fade naturally.

    i don't got before/after pics though. but soon i will make some pictures to see the results! ill keep u updated :)

  9. awsome is ur skin clear now :o how long was u on it b4? :-)

  10. Everyone who is on this site Acne.org, I want to give you an uplift. ღ Raise your spirits. ♥ Tomorrow I will be uploading me before Accutane, and when my Acne started. Honestly nobody is perfect. I admit I am not, though people say I am. If they saw me with Acne back then they would know for a fact im not. ¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆ ¸.•*¨*`•.¸☆ I am like everyone else I.M.P.E.R.F.E.C.T! ♥ Shhhh dont tell anyone! Whether someone has freckles, poofy hair, dimples, weight problem, we a
  11. Thank u Kenny89 I try to be positive as much as possible! And Jerichoa thank u so much ur so sweet, and very stunning too Im happy I could make u smile. I hope you both have amazing results! <3