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  1. Polka

    Dan Kern, I remember you! Forums changed a lot

  2. where did you go!

  3. where did you go?

  4. I would leave them alone, they are not noticeable, please believe me.
  5. I don't think it looks so bad, I think it is at a level that doesn't detract from your looks. How old are you?
  6. Thanks for making this thread. On the other hand it has made me realise I don't think this kinda treatment is for me, I think I will have to live with what I have.
  7. It is very minimal (if there is something), I can't see anything there.
  8. Reminds me of myself. And I would encourage you to talk about your feelings to people you trust (or even a counsellor), because a lot of that bullying can turn you into a real social recluse, I am evidence of that. I also remember a lot of the stuff in school, it was really traumatic at the time, and I never really got over it.
  9. No I don't, I do blame the doctors around me who let my face become the craterfest that it is today. It's very easy for them to say it isn't a big deal, but to underplay the various psychological trauma that goes with facial disfigurement is something I hope would change.
  10. If you trust him you should talk to him about it. I guess it's hard, but coming from someone who is very far down the road in being an acne sufferer, anxiety that gets kept inside grows into something much worse, and usually manifests itself in another way in the future. If you are not ready to open up about it, then just tell him that and ask him to be patient. He should be understanding and not pressure you either.
  11. Wow, haven't been on here a while. I have really bad pores (especially on my nose) and I'm wondering if there have been any developments in it's treatment in terms of topicals, or minor operations. I think using pore strips and things like that really do not help, and I recommend everyone to not use them, or to use too many "pore cleansing" products on their skin.
  12. Ror a second there it looked like I had got another +1 warning as thats what it said in the notification! Thanks for the -1
  13. I noticed I have a warning from 2009. I don't even know what it was, or was notified about it. Is it possible for it to get deleted, as it was so long ago? Thanks
  14. I don't think topicals will help you, are you taking or have you taken any antibiotics?
  15. whatcha taking for your skin? i spent my whole teenage years obsessing in the mirror, id hold a mirror by the window every morning before school, at the exact right angle to make it look as bad as it possibly could so i know what people were seeing... that really didn't help, if you ever feel like not going out because of acne, then ignore that feeling. too many times i wasted my teenage years hiding away. when you get to my age (even though I have really bad scarring now) you regret those ti
  16. TBH what you have is very mild, I even think it is i the wrong forum subsection. I don't think topicals will help your situation, maybe try some oral prescriptions form your doctor.
  17. I have that bumpy crap all over my nose, IMO either you have a very tough deposit of white sebaceous filament underneath, or it is a permanent bump on your nose which is what I have and must live with.
  18. I've been messing around for too long and the skin on my nose is all messed up, squeezing is a norm, and I don't think pore strips are worth it in the long run. Good luck to everyone, but blackheads are a problem that probably can't be solved for the majority of us (only managed with a regime that you find works), pores enlarge with age, it goes downhill from here folks
  19. I have been through the wars... and you can't expect it to get better so quick, your immediate goal is to learn to live with it, this is coming from a person who is probably regretting wasting the best years of their life hiding away
  20. hey old timer...

  21. yes, and i am evidence of that. regardless of what you do, mine have reached a point where they are HUGE and the plugs stick out like a PLUG. I still have no solution, and the skin on my nose is really poor from squeezing all these years
  22. its impossible to know, as everyone is different, we won't know without a picture or something all the best
  23. everyday is pretty hard, i just go through the motions maybe we will find a light, or a silver lining. im just waiting
  24. People seek conversation on here. We are not looking for miracle cures, or treatment. We all know how posting on a forun can be beneficial, to vent etc... I think a forum is a little bit like society, you would NEVER shun someone who was depressed or suicidal, why do the same on here? If you do not allow these types of threads I think its more appropriate and A LOT more tactful to not just lock a thread and allow no feedback at all Surely threads which only have explicit suicidal discussion/me