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    1. Attaches is my overall Accutane photo progress. I have to admit, that although I did have issues with major side effects (ie. significant drop in white-blood-cell counts) and was actually taken off the drug early in my treatment (ie. only ended up completing 3 1/2 months, instead of the prescribed 6 for my case), I still feel that the results were live changing. I might not have perfectly clear skin all the time, but in comparison it's much nicer to get 1 or 2 pimples around the time of the mo
    2. hey @dorismarilyn, I actual did do some laser treatments.. two so far. They were Fraxel treatments.. at about $700 each, I have to spread them out so I can budget. But the redness goes away, just the ice pick scars stay, from the cysts.. Still working on those, I have about 4 more treatments left, I will be spreading them out over the next 6 months to a year. Good luck after accutane, it gets

      1. Did you end up doing anything for your scars? Did the redness/pigmentation fade? My skin looks very similar to yours, I am on month four out of five of Accutane.

        1. Thank you for the kind words. It's been quite a journey, and now I'm tackling the scars. But don't worry, people hardly notice all that. When my acne was at it's worst, people would tell me how sweet I was and pretty. It's a little strange when You don't believe it, but true beauty is in your Character.

          1. Hey ur the first girl that I've seen that also lives in Miami. Ur preety and just want to say good luck with ur treatment. Im going to do saline injections for my scars.