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  1. Hey, while taking these Vitamins and minerals such as selenium- you mentioned that yr acne started becoming non- existent. But is your skin still oily by any chance? Since selenium helps out thyroid, it may prove beneficial for several oily skjn sufferers. Pls reply thx
  2. hey guys, i am skinny like mostof you reading to thread....and somehow stumbled across this... my quetion is ...i eat like a beast but the quantity thats goes through my mouth and the one that comes out of my ass are ver different... i shit very little... do any of you guysexperience this? moreover there are theories that claim excessive masturbation messes upwith yr system and now we are like that...doyou used to masturbate excessively?
  3. first time on this board huh? you must stop oily skin internally 2 remove d blackheads, topicals ll not work!!!
  4. your story is saddening... because it is like a scene where the bad guy(derms) make your life a living hell because you re unsuspecting. if you ask most people on th ebaoard, since you never really got acne, they would tell you to drop both pillss.... reason... doxyclicine- the bad news by taking these is it leads you to a vicous cycle, it makes your acne bacteria resistant and kills the little beneficial bacteria we have.... to correct this, take good nutrition like fruits etc, cut out cho
  5. finaaly, someone who puts up a fairly strong argument.... before i start, i hope our argument is based on constructive criticism and not based not the hatred due to conflicting idealogies. i will answer accordingly to your paragraphing... 1) there is a reason why people repeat that phrase over and over again, because they have tried leading the healthiest of diets - giving up socially and got nothing out of it. what would you expect?... and note i never pointed out that acne was not related
  6. hi guys, for a start, i would like to say that this post is gonna belong and would love the veteran members to prove me wrong with the greatest of respect towards them. For the past few days, i have been indulging in chocolate,sweets etc and as often as i ate them, i also sighed about my acne behind closed doors contemplating on the varioustheories i have come upwith on acne during my lifetime. i am 18 btw, so pls excuse any imaturity on my part. for the longest time, i have asked myself if di
  7. try bulking by lifting...working out... try not to get on protein supp ...etc... protein etc , bodybuilding supplememnnts makes your body work harder.
  8. hey guys theres really no point in talking about this.... this accutane is already known as a dangerous drug and everyne knows its effects arent permanet risking damage totheirbody.... but as much as i hate the meical doctors and their incompetence..... we can only blame the acne sufferer on this one....you see all the blogs on accutane and posting their happiness that accutane is working despite knowing the eventual side eeffects but dont have the sligest prudency to understand why most natu
  9. read the post just above this post which i wrote and see what you have is what i mentioned.... neways....if it is exactly what you are going through... i d suggest stop the saloon ..... believe me .... I HAD TO LEARN IT THE HARD WAY...cause i did exactly what you did...saloons...they only scar...ask any derm, they would concur with what i said.... and if you intend to go to derms, assuming that your conditionis what i mentioned in the above post....he might prescibe you retin A and doxy
  10. What the hell are you talking about? His/her (couldn't remember from the op) acne isint bad at all..... I'd say it's mild\ moderate i thnk if you were to see the person in real life- you would say otherwise. why i am sayig its bad its because i have acne like that an the way he has mentioned tht he has oily skin etc...fits exactly to mine. the reson you dont find it severe/or bad is because (no pun intended) ...you seem to be like some people who judge acne by the number of breakouts....
  11. Hey man, I see that you have pretty bad acnne... I suggest stop going to the salons because it's not ping to help by only scar- I have learnt that the hard way... Don't prick .... Anyways I can tell you that yr acne is caused solely by oily skin... Seeing that you might be new here... I d suggest learning from the fellow board members here.... If you choose yr path by natural treatments or by supplements.... All e best... Feel free to pm me.
  12. this is exactly why one should go read the various posts on a certain medication before taking them.... ask veteran members if they would reccomend taking antiboitics(doxy) or anything else.... and they would say NO.... this is just a teporary cure.... a better plan would be to find something that can serve you long term-and thus that takes a bit of experimentation... pls research doxy n its effects on the digestive system... cheers
  13. wow dude, i feel you.... sometimes i fear soo much that people will make fun of my acne...and many people have actually....but i give them the benefit of the doubt... somehow i see/read from most people that when we acne sufferers battle this long hard battle and get made fun off,we start to be insensitive towardsthese crude comments... andin a way ...my opinion..is that we dont expect perfect noses clear skin etc anymore....we start to appreciate ourselves carry on with our lives and strive m
  14. well man, I do know why you re saying... But well me living in an asian country kinda revolves arnd carbs- rice... So that I won't be cutting out.. And also due to acne.org - I have learned not all meat are good... First things first - I only eat fish and chicken... Pork and beef are a NO... Usually I eat steamed chicken- and also try to get steamed fish most of the time.... Btw... Is there a way to get healthy meat that can be done in say a few minutes... (som1 mentioned abt packaged lean meat)
  15. nope...your not crazy to take accutane... but be weary that you re likely to get the oily skin and acne all over again.... i d suggest more hoistic approaches...but what do i know...