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  1. Ok, still using it, not sure if its improvement or not, but I THINK some of the scars are more shallow... we will see, I`ll keep this updated whenever i can.
  2. Ah yes, and accordingly to the proposal of the topic initially I`m Fabio, 21 years old, I`m Brazilian, and I love life. now, rock on
  3. Oh ok, well the first one is me and my mom in front of the mississipi (spell?) river heh and then the second is me at the front of the place I`m staying while in the US - I`m from Brazil, visiting my parents, they live here for studying. You guys look good, I mean, couldnt see any acne in there mostly lol i got rid of most of my acne, i quite dont have it tbh, i got on these boards to read about some acne scar creams, tho i really dont have much of it also, but im here mainly to help, since i
  4. Yeah, man kinda, like I did accutane and got clear (tho i still have scars, but i dont mind them that much) but once in a while youll always have a little thing and such, you know, and i kinda got scared to have to start it all over but it is actually normal to: a) have some blemish and stuff have even after accutane b) be worried about it so dont be. you will be fine, and clear :) rock on
  5. No, acne is surely not your only flaw. Your text clearly shows lack of self confidence. May be because of acne, w/e, but a person with true self confidence can get over most things Yeah, I`ve been there too, mate. I have many flaws, not only acne haha remember, we need to be strong Rock on
  6. i agree. its pathetic isn't it. but i think you're right, its the fact that because We hate it so much and have to deal with it - the last thing we want to see is our partner with the same defect. its sad and makes me ashamed of myself ok this is something i posted on another topic, it is essencially the same ideia like, you shouldnt be ashamed of yourself. there is goes: "thing is, you dont choose your attraction i mean like, you dont look to a girl and says ok NOW im gonna b
  7. thank you, man, so I woke up today and I saw my scars, strangely enough they seemed less deep hm somehow prolly not real though heh maybe the lightning on the place was a bit different its hard to compare to when i first started using the system, cause i had a pic with a kind of lightning that kinda "hides" the scars, you know? i didnt do that on purpose tho so, just another question when you keep rubbing it till its not visible, that does mean that its being absorbed? i thought it was becau
  8. thing is, you dont choose your attraction i mean like, you dont look to a girl and says ok NOW im gonna be attracted to her your eyes scan her for like 3 seconds and you know if you are attracted or not if you dont find her attractive because of her acne or w/e, thats not really your fault, and you are not really a bad person for this its not only that you got acne that acne will be attractive or simply wont matter in another person my two cents and yes, dated girls with acne no, wont tur
  9. Boobs > acne thread closed ok ok, ill add something meaninful to the topic just go for it, he wont mind, trust me and yes, you can go for partially clothed, tho i find it will prolly be bad if you are in the motion and he tries to move in to your top (naturally) and you keep him from touching your breasts he`ll be like fgs we are having sex, why not some booby love? =/ so, be open with him (no pun intended), talk about stuff, you know? it wont hurt (no pun intended) and be happy, you
  10. weird names like chikorita i kid, i kid take the joke lightly, i actually find your forum name quite amusing rock on
  11. Man, like, I know its really easier said than done, when i was a teen i had REALLY bad acne on my face and body, used accutane and it got better BUT it took a loooong time till i could actually use accutane ($$$ issues mainly), so i had to live with it for some time But like, its all about not caring too much - a friend of mine once said when i took out my shirt: dude thats pretty bad looking haha but you know, you have to not let this get to you man easier said than done, i know, but ive b
  12. Ok, so I`m using for 12 days now this Dermajuv acne scar reduction system and im NOT seeing really any significant results. I dont have much discoloration, but i got some pretty deep scars, so I had high hopes for this product =/ However, Im a guy not too much used to applying creams and such to my own face, so I always applied it and like kept rubbing till the cream wasnt visible anymore, is it right? Tonight Im trying to get a little more applyed to my skin, plus i wont rub it a lot, so its