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  1. Grind

    South East Asia & Acne

    you're probably right. the pollution where I am in Java is terrible. and they often eat on the road side, so the food is polluted, dirty and all deep fried as you say. using very old oil no doubt too ah yes i experienced the same. bangkok is like that often as well. and all the same additives and MSGs added too
  2. Grind

    South East Asia & Acne

    turkey and other med countries will be humid only for 3 months during the summer, and that is only if the location is within x-amount of miles by the sea. so i imagine your experience was being on vacation in turkey, hence being by the sea, and being there in the summer. right now the country is under snow.. not so humid. its dry at all other times of the year and always dry in locations not near the sea (desert and mountainous areas, for example). so you agree then, that your acne is less in the Mediterranean 'home country' locations. your acne is worse in the USA - understood. when i had acne mine was too whenever i visited the US for more than a week. but that was probably due to being on vacation and eating less healthier options most of the time i would be curious if you ate the local foods of SEAsia / china if your acne would be even worse than the US. i'd bet money on it being worse
  3. Grind

    South East Asia & Acne

    so south east asians have more acne that those in the west due to genetics alone? would diet / lack of access to medi / lack of affordability of good products / etc be any factor at all? i see these people in the street eating fried this and that... and so many of these people have a range from a few noticeable blemishes to very severe bumpy acne. honestly if i'd had eaten that stuff in my late teens / early 20's i'd have broken out 2 or 3 times heavier than if i had not, same as if i were to eat KFC for example... it would just cause an absolute nuklear assult on my face. and perhaps it does to them too, but they just don't care / don't know? ....or all in my head? lol although i guess you're saying, that fact i would have broken out at all, regardless of severity in relation to what i just ate is due to my personal genetics ? I just see more in SEA than i do in europe with 'bad' skin i hope this doesnt sound like i'm bashing anyone in asia ! because actually it doesn't bother me. my girl (sometimes gf, sometimes ex-gf, changes with the wind) is thai-chinese and used to have 'terrible' skin, and still does suffer from pretty bad backcne the poor little thing. although tain did curb the effects she still gets it from time to time now. but regardless shes still the hottest girl in the world IMO skin or no skin
  4. Its just an observation But in my work I usually work in Asia and the Middle East I've found that people in the middle east or north african / med area have pretty good skin in general. It's rare to see young arabs or turkish or iranians etc with much if any acne. they are usually pretty clean whereas in south east asia, my time in thailand and where i currently am at the moment (indonesia), seems most of the people have some kind of bad skin! i'd put it down to the diet which contains many fried foods, fried foods of which are not really 'clean' (old oil used in the street food etc), they never eat salad. where as the arabs and med people are eating more salads, just bread and grilled meat (yet for some reason, the south east asians regardless of their fried foods, are so small, slim and skinny - where as the arab / med people get pretty fat after they hit 25) what about the climate? middle east / med hot but dry? lots of sun for sure most of the year if not all. south east asia is humid and sweaty - and asians never go outside if they can avoid it (due to their condition to be as white as possible) what are your thoughts? because i'm looking at the people in indonesia and i'm seeing on the whole, much worse skin on average than say in europe or the middle east / central asia etc
  5. Grind

    (ultra) low dose accutane

    geek lol btw, 10mg roughly per week give or take (if i don't forget, which i sometimes do), for the last 4 months. might lower it again and see how we go thus far - perfect skin day or night, i dont even wash my face with any products and my skin looks better for it, eat what i want, do what i want. fucking love it
  6. 'with my dr.' ha! i don't have a dr. i live in different countries as and when, no where particular for more than a year. besides, dr.s have absolutely no idea, including derms. i've probably done more research than any dr. i've ever spoken to. none of them know any more than whats written in the general guide books irregardless, i now take 1 x 20mg pill every 2 weeks aprox. i've been known to take 1 x 20mg after 3 weeks. the longest i have gone is about 3 weeks but the oil starts to come back, so i nip it in the bottom early by taking a tain then we're back on track. my skin is still absolutely perfect, not a single side effect anymore since i've lowered it to this super low level i'm still using the original 4 month supply !! i have 1.5 boxes left at this rate they'll last until the rest of the year. and tain is easy to get hold of in asia should i need any more. but to be honest this will last. and i might even try lowering it to 1 x 20mg every month if i feel that the impact will be non existent / very minimal. my body is adapting very well and i'm happy to go on with this until i die having zero acne is just 1 less thing to worry about in daily life. couldn't ask for more really. i feel like a normal person and now having perfect skin has just become part of my life, although i still appreciate it ive forgotten what it was like to get a pimple or even a blackhead i - love - it
  7. hello bitch x how are you my love? you are 'unable to recieve messages' - what the fucks wrong with you?! :P

  8. Grind


  9. Grind

    (ultra) low dose accutane

    I'm not delusional. I just dont give a shit Ultra low dose, 10 years. However long
  10. Grind

    (ultra) low dose accutane

    No you won't. You will develop bone and joint problems (osteoporosis, hyperostosis, spurs, etc.). I'm speaking from personal experience. There are also a number of long-term studies which document this. I agree it feels good to have control over your life, I was your age when I stated Accutane. Beware of the price you'll pay later; the bone thing is not scaremongering, 2/3rds of long term users develop this. I wish I knew at the time. bone problems can be fixed and maybe you just have weak bones, because i'm big boned and stocky and strong, never had a broken bone in my life. i cant imagine it being an issue for me on a personal level and anyway, i'd sooner take some minor bone issues than be living in an existence where i have acne. because that is all it is, an existence. when i get married, if my wife will tolerate it then i might come off the accutain, or take less and do whatever i can to control xyz. but i wouldnt in a million years come off of it now, even if i was guaranteed problems in later life. id rather enjoy the best years of my life right now than live in misery.
  11. Grind


    Problem with doxy is not how long it takes to work and clear your skin It's how long it takes when you stop taking it for all your acne to come back
  12. hey man, hows the accutane going? Is it keeping you clear still? any breakoputs? Any scarring? thanks

  13. Skin is still perfect I just take it as and when, I don't have a schedule or required amount. If I can feel it coming or see some dodgy looking oil build up, i'll pop a tain (20mg). That'll usually be enough for 5 days of oil free for me, with an unclean diet. It will fix your acne, but won't fix your life This low dose seems to have no visible side effects, but I wonder every now and again if it does still trigger depression. Most of the time it's my own fault as I have nothing to be depressed about that I don't get myself into on purpose - but I wonder if the tain pushes things in the wrong direction But anyway, whatever, its 1 million times better than having acne.
  14. Grind

    Masturbation and Bad Digestion

    my gf would be very unhappy if she didnt get it at least twice a day. so that must mean i'd be fuked if i thought that had anything to do with my skin but good luck though, in all honesty.
  15. Grind

    Masturbation and Bad Digestion

    i dont get this board sometimes. you guys who abstain from masturbating because you think it affects your skin, what are you going to do when you get a gf or wife? never have sex because you think it'll make you break out?