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  1. hey everyone i have the same issue. My dad is 6ft and im only 5'6. i was 5'4 when i started taking accutane, however my issue is bone density/ lenght loss in my arms . i want to know if there is anything that can be done about this issue.thanks
  2. wow im back and i still have some acne but not as badly as before, mainly just      really stubborn pimples. i have decided to try the acne. org regiment and i will be visiting an esthetician once per month for chemical peels/ scar treatments. Its been 17 years since my first break out and have been on this depressing train ever since.  

    1. SOOO GTOWN its been about a month since you've are on accutane hows it going? lets seen some pics.
    2. Hey Gtown hows the accutane treatment going man?
    3. hey Gtown. hang in there buddy. from your picture i noticed that your main problems are enlarged pores, scars and pimples. im wondering if you are taking any topical treatment to help heal your skin...even the vilantae site encourages persons to use their "coldfuzion acne treatment".which is really a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Remember that your acne is severe so you have to put that into consideration, its only natural products will take longer to work. As for me my acne has reduce in
    4. Hey i have tried to stop masturbation but always found myself bored to death. Its on my mind unless i do it, then when its over i regret I've done it...but i am going to commit to it this time for my skins sake.
    5. Hey G-town, its the first time i have ever seen someone's face who have almost as much acne as me. my friend i bet you know whats its like to take the bus and have everyone staring at you. I will start vinlantae next week and hope to see some wonderful changes as you have. I am guessing you should be acne free by summer. see ya
    6. Submition

      i liked the the moisturizer huge bumps(cysts) forms under my skin in my forehead and in front my ears.lot of small pimples appear over areas that was already clear. NONE of my acne went away..product is Expensive DO NOT USE.plz...i joined this site after starting the regiment. Used it for 3 months
    7. Good luck G-town, i might try it. i am currently using murad acne complex, but it only works as a moisturizer instead of removing the acne plus huge bumps under my skin keep poping up. i think i must try that vilantae for internal cleansing.