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  1. i really think a lot of your "wrinkles" are actually just the result of very dry skin cracking. the solution here is probably not going to be putting a lot of acid on your face to dry it out even more. you should stop the bp and just put nothing around your mouth- i don't know about you, but i'd rather get a zit than a wrinkle. use an intensive moisturizer. what i'm using now is "neutrogena norweigan formula" moisturizer, it has petrolatum and some other stuff (usually used for hands). it re
  2. yeah... that's how i feel too... i'm just really running out of options. i scheduled an appointment with the derm today, but it's not for a long time, so i have more time to consider the pros and cons.
  3. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=49939 similar situation, worth a read...
  4. hi. so i'm almost seventeen now and after battling cystic acne for over a year (i know it's not that long, but long enough to give me scarring) i'm running out of options... and considering accutane. here's my situation: things i've tried: azelex, sulfur, differin, duac, minocycline, salicylic acid chemical peel... all of these things just exaberated the acne or had some other bad side effect. since last september, i've been on a combination of retin-a micro and doxycycline. spiro was added in
  5. well, i've been using kinerase samples i got from the dermatologist 2x a day... the long, thin line i talked about up there was completely gone the second day. the whole area is somewhat indented still, but that seems to be getting a little better every day. i guess i learned my lesson too late, but i'll definitely wear sunscreen/take a multivitamin/sleep more... wolfkeeper, i think you're right. my skin has been getting increasingly drier due to internal & topical medicine, and the past f
  6. when i look at the specific line really closely, it looks like a line formed out of many tiny lines of cracked skin. it seems as if the whole area is more indented than the other side, though. its so weird. the area is peeling a little now. the line itself extends from near my nose down past my mouth... but the part way past my mouth seems to have mostly faded.. at least, i can't see it anymore. in most bathroom/neon lighting it looks just like a darkish line on my face, not neccesairly indented
  7. okay, so about a month ago i got a salicylic acid chemical peel with a buffer. it was the first one i got, my skin was pretty dry and peeled a lot. my skin has been pretty dry ever since, and although i try to moisturize it is constantly peeling somewhere. HOWEVER. on sunday, around my mouth, i noticed this weird line- looks like a wrinkle. it just appeared there sunday, i know it wasn't there before because its quite noticeable to me. its right where my face "folds up" when i laugh/grin. its
  8. i think it depends on your skin- i had a mild salicyclic acid peel and my face peeled like crazy for about a week. i looked like a monster and had to stay inside... moisturizer and makeup didnt help at all.
  9. the chemical peel did help my red marks and made my skin look better overall. i don't have to wear concealer anymore... just a light foundation. i think it helped scarring a tiny bit, but its a little hard to tell because scarring always looks better when you dont have red marks. i think it would certainly take more than one to really help indented scarring, so i went ahead and scheduled another one. you're not supposed to see a whole lot of results from the first peel- it takes a couple. howeve
  10. after salicylic acid chemical peels... i stay inside if i can't cover it up with makeup. sometimes it can pass as a sunburn, but most of the time it just looks nasty for about a week..
  11. yeah, the retin-a might be doing some of it.... although i'm peeling really bad in places i don't even put the retin-a. i think i'll use less of it for a while and see what happens, i'm afraid if i stop it all together my face will break out again...
  12. so i got a salicylic acid peel from my dermatologist- for scarring, red marks and leftover acne- it was the first one i've ever gotten, so i'm assuming it wasn't too strong. she said there was a buffer. anyways, my skin got very hard and then peeled a ton for about nine days. the peeling stopped.. skin looked a lot better and wasn't oily. now, three weeks later, my skin has started to act really weird. it's more oily now, but it's peeling like mad... huge sheets of skin are coming off, like what
  13. bump. im going to the dermatologist tomorrow.... any suggestions on what to ask about are greatly appreciated.