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    IT WORKS Fast Effective Cheap Gel form Can leave skin dry and stings for the first couple of weeks of application until skin adjusts Fantastic product. I wonder why I have not heard of Panoxyl before, because this is the ONLY thing that has worked for me. I guess they're a pretty silent brand. Take note: you may not have to use as much of this as you would if you were using Dan's BP gel. For me, a stripe the length of my index finger every 12 hours is enough for three weeks o
  1. I use this product and I love it! Granted, I've never used any other BP gel, so it's the only one I know. Dry skin is much easier to handle than acne, which is so ugly. I use a 'stripe' of gel the length of my index finger of 2.5% Panoxyl roughly every 12 hours. That keeps most acne at bay, apart from when it's time for my period, in which case a few spots appear, so I will have to remember to up my dosage around that time next month, but I can hardly complain! My skin seems to have been pretty
  2. Like everyone else says, 12 hours is usually how long you should leave it before reapplication. But as to your question of how long it should remain there, well, if you reapply every 12 hours then you really will be having it on your face more or less constantly.
  3. I don't know about whether it would work for many other people, because I've not really had much dryness from BP, but presently I am using Origins Perfect World moisturiser, and it seems to be doing the job well and it doesn't ball up or turn white with my Panoxyl BP, although I got it on discount and it is normally so expensive (£30/$50 or so) that I probably won't buy it again. They've also recently brought out something called All Purpose High Elevation Cream for Dry Skin Relief, which I'm i
  4. I bought my 2.5% BP under the name Panoxyl a few days ago and have been using it ever since. It seems to be working, even though it's only been a few days. I have not had any new spots and I normally would have done by now. I am using about a pea-sized amount twice a day at the moment, with Origins cleanser and moisturiser. Panoxyl doesn't actually say how much you should use and what amount is too much or too little. I am very happy with it, only, everyone from the pharmacist to the people on h
  5. I've just bought some 2.5% BP by Panoxyl. My skin seems to be reacting quite well to it after a couple of patch tests, so no problem there. But I'm wondering - since the regimen seems to require wearing a lot of BP on your face more or less constantly, and it can cause burning etc., will it still be ok for my partner to kiss my face? Or will the chemical get into his mouth and cause burns, or possibly be ingested and cause problems? Also regards kissing/touching, would it be possible for the BP
  6. Avoiding anything with milk in it - including cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream. Avoiding anything sweet and sugary - cake, sweets* etc. Avoiding junk food full stop and eating lots of fibre. Drinking green tea. *means candy. I know, it's obvious, but Americans ask me what I mean when I say "sweets". "Sweets" is candy in Britain.
  7. ImmaculateComplexion

    It's cheap, and yet better moisturising than any of the expensive products out there. Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores), so if you're using a lip balm like Carmex and Chapstick which is causing spots around the mouth, try vaseline instead. Notoriously greasy. Be careful not to get any up your nose, as this can be dangerous. I love this stuff. It's a simple, honest product with no frills or miracles claimed in marketing, and it's a tried and trusted brand. Very cheap for a big pot which will las
  8. Cheese is a massive trigger for me too. I've pretty much given it up. It's the only thing that's worse than chocolate as a cause for my acne.
  9. Yup, this is my problem too. Smooth skin, but covered in red marks! Arrrrghh. I did use the bicarbonate of soda and vinegar method for a while, and it cleared them up for a little bit, but they seemed to evolve to become resistant. Gonna try it again, though, and buy some Apple Cider Vinegar today.