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  1. So, my skin is back to normal in terms of moisture. My skin has never been "too oily" or "too dry", ever. That was surely one thing I was blessed with. Like I said, its back to being normal. No peeling or irritation. The breakout on my chin is completely gone now. But, I woke up with a pimple on my cheek this morning. But good news! Its almost gone now. I love how much more quickly my body fends off the pimples that I am getting. Recently, my lower back has been hurting. I don't think it's
  2. Its always an exciting feeling! Good luck with the medicine!
  3. LyDe

    My acne story

    As harsh as it may sound, don't let your skin dictate your life. You're fifteen and your life is FAR from over. You aren't even old enough to drive, are you? Just take a step back, breathe, and think a little bit more rationally. Wigging out won't help you. It'll just stress you out even more. And, as we all know, stress could very easily be a trigger to acne. ;)So, with that said, relax. You aren't alone and we all know how that feels. Keep in mind that the make-up you're using could easily ma
  4. Today will be my ninth day on Claravis. I, honestly, haven't had anything too bad happen to me so far. I had a little bit of a break-out on my chin on the sixth day, I believe. Surprisingly, it cleared up within the next day or two. Normally, it would take my body a little over a week before there would be no red mark. I had a minor pimple on my cheek when I woke up this morning, but I can feel that it's almost gone already. Compared to what I had a week and a half ago, my skin is already lookin
  5. Eeeep, my skin feels so sensitiiiiive! My nose is a little dried out and flakey; which I can only assume is a combination of the Claravis and extreme winds here. My nose and the bit around my eyes feels constricted and irritated. It's a bit pink, too. I'm sure my 'gentle' exfoliation treatment with the washcloth probably didn't help that much, either. :/ Boo for lack of self-control! Anywho, my lips aren't chapped much at all, still. (I loooove Carmex! <3) No new blemishes to report; o
  6. Oh man, that's rough! I had lice when I was in third grade and reading your blog suddenly made my skin crawl! Its good to hear that you're nice and clean!
  7. The break-out I had last night has cleared up surprisingly quick. At this rate, it'll be completely gone on Thursday, which in itself is exciting. Besides that, things are going pretty chill. It calms my nerves, that's for sure. I was worried that the break-out was just the start of a horrible series of embarrassing blemishes. After a bit of reading, I found out that the astringent I was using had some bad irritants in it, thanks to It has a lot of useful information on it. The particular o
  8. Haha, I feel like this is a mirror image of me so far! lolBest of luck with the treatment!
  9. Sooo, I completely broke out on the bottom right side of my mouth/chin today. Its a bit frustrating and it's worse than it normally ever is. My derm said that, which is often the case, my skin will get worse before it gets better. I also have a feeling my hormones are taking part in this pissing contest with my acne. Lol. My lips aren't chapped, but they just don't feel moisturized, no matter how much carmex/chapstick I throw on it. I'm drinking tons and tons of water hoping that'll help
  10. LyDe

    The First Five Days;

    This will be short, since there isn't much to say. I started back in December with creating a habit of applying chapstick/carmex. I always have something on hand. I haven't noticed any special changes yet with my skin. If anything, it has kept the usual pimple pop-ups to a minimum. Then again, I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason the pimples haven't popped up is because or hormones. Gotta love it when the body psychs you out before slapping you hardcore. My first pack was comp
  11. LyDe

    The Introduction;

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this. This entire blog is going to be dedicated to my struggle with acne. Well.. more so just to document my experiences with "Claravis". Geeze, I have the worst time trying to spell that. I keep having to look back at the box to make sure I'm spelling it right. I apologize now if anything I say sounds weird or disgusting; I'm not exactly used to opening myself up like this. Anyway, a quick oversight of my skin, I guess. I'm currently twenty o