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    Music, infectious diseases, art, texting, shows, laughing, my boyfriend, my best friend, sunny weather, the beach, good grades, swimming, video games, and etc.
  1. I've been using sugar and it's just not cutting it for me.
  2. Has anyone tried drinking coconut milk? If so did it have any effects on your acne?
  3. If you want to include milk in your cereal try vanilla almond milk. It's soooooo good!
  4. Try steaming your face then applying an egg whites mask with honey & lemon juice. The steaming will open up your pores and help get rid of some of the dirt & junk closer to the surface and the egg whites mask will help draw out the stuff deeper down. Also the honey & the lemon juice are antibacterial so they help fight acne as well as clean your pours out. Make sure when you steam your face you put a towel over your head to keep the steam in.
  5. I wish you the best of luck, although I'm sure you won't need it. : ) you'll definitely get clear.
  6. oh that question was directed at mr. crabs.but I take a multi vitamin for teens and I take turmeric and I take vegetable pills.
  7. Definitely worth it. : ) & yup, I've lived here my whole life.
  8. here's my mom's jewelry. : ) it's really cool stuff. I tired to make jewelry with her once, I kind of stunk haha.
  9. Well I'll try it out & see what happens. : ) Oh lovely it tastes like shit, haha that will be fun. & Yup stroudsburg, pa. You've heard of it?
  10. I'll try that, has it improved your skin at all? And how does it taste?
  11. Not if you use things like food and supplements to control acne. And I'm sure what all natural stuff your using, but they usually don't have chemicals in them.
  12. I do drink 64 oz of water a day or more and I have a very very healthy diet. It hasn't always been that way I used to have a decent diet but it wasn't the best. So that might have caused liver or colon damage.