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  1. Face is getting better but still get small breakouts hopefully soon it will start to get clearer!
  2. My face seems to be getting better! Thank you so much! It took 2 months to re clear you?
  3. The regimen cleared me for over a year...I wanted to be even smoother. After stopping for about a month and going to the dermo for further treatment. My acne came back and not ive been back on for a week almost. Now I have dark spots and am dreading it! BACK ON THE REGIMEN FOR GOOD! Its not horrible, but horrible enough for me! Never been this bad in a lonng time. This time I will moisturize also, took about 4+months last time to clear me. Hopefully with adding the moisturizing it will heal soon
  4. 16 weeks it has been and i have not been cleared yet...any ideas? these dark marks are the worse!
  5. did anyone clear past 12 weeks? im on my 12 weeks now and still breakout!
  6. what is the longest you have heard of someone getting clear? my skin started to breakout about a year ago...it was really oily at first then this happened. i have so many dark marks and pimples every week, it might of even made it worse...it looks like i got wrinkles in some places. i know this sounds bizarre but the mirror at mt job my face doesnt look so bad compared to other mirrors...thats akward! I actually thought it looked bad when i left the house and good when i got to work.
  7. will see i have a little more of one tube and i bought another tube of treatment...after i finish these tubes i will see where my skin goes...
  8. minimal to what ive seen, but 2 ppl have told me my face is clearing up...i think it looks worse some days and great others...i broke out again and my face looks red as all hell.
  9. its been 12 weeks and im still not clear, still getting breakouts. stuck to the regimen 100% just got... another breakout today, any advice? thanks
  10. im about to start my 8th week sunday and i still breakout and get a little red...hopefully you will clear up soon. I still break out! i did today actually. I say stick with it, I am going to give it the 3 month trial. Seems like everyone does get the success for the most part.
  11. another breakout! 7 weeks in...3 months to clean you say? still stickin with it...these scars are crazy or shall i say dark marks...gotta get more bp and possibly the aha now...any words of wisdom?
  12. so katrina, aha u say results quickly? these dark marks! : (
  13. face feels a lot smoother! but man! these dark marks are killing me! aha time i think...
  14. i def am! In a week or 2 I am gonna get more BP! LOVE IT!
  15. hey lexy thanks for your response, how long did it take before you cleared up? My face seemed pretty good yesterday morning, all of sudden I have seemed to breakout again. Week 6 starts today!