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  1. i also NEVER get sick. it's true when i was younger i really tried to get sick by walking with shorts and a tshirt with bare foot in the snow for 2 hours but nothing happened. i also thought about this but i didnt see a reason why we have acne (illness) then. maybe we can get rid of little illnesses fast and are therefore acne prone? ... but i can say that i would give my acne for a cold a week.
  2. hi guys! so i experimented a long time and found out that my skin doesnt absorb anything i put on it! i have the strange feeling that the bp just dries on my skin but thats not even my worst problem. whenever i put moisturizer on my face (in ANY form, trust me i had more than just 1) it looks like i just ran a marathon cause my whole face is F*CK*NG shiny and looks so ugly ugly ugly.... i thought maybe i had to wait some hours but even after 28 hours it still looks shiny. next i thought i had t
  3. hi i have 2 rather big pimples in my ear. i guess they come from listening to music through the standard headphones... well i cant really reach them to pop them or anything else i can just put something on them.. but they dont fade. i tried everything that i use for my facial acne like bpo or other products but they are still as big as before. is there anything i can do about them ? please help me.. thats just so disgusting....
  4. i know that there are methods like this for sweaty hands or feet. you put them into a 'bowl' of water and some kind of electricity goes through. after doing this for one month like 95% had no more sweaty hands/feet. so im very interested in this but i dont think this method is possible on the face.
  5. in addition: not annoying (bullying whatever) other people because of something little. in the past i said things like oh god look at him hes ugly but with acne i know how looking ugly feels like and how it hurts to hear somehting like that im a nice guy now.
  6. oh yes in the moment im having an emotional breakdown which really kills me and i dont care about anything right now. and oh your topic title reminded me of this song - it kinda fits .. simple plan - welcome to my life lyrics : Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel out of place? Like somehow you just don't belong And no one understands you Do you ever wanna runaway? Do you lock yourself in your room? With the radio on turned up so loud That no one hears you screaming No you don
  7. hello i just read this post "]http://www.acne.org/messageboard/POST-READ-t75810.html concerning bactine, a spray bottle which is available in drug stores. as i live in germany i don't really think i will be able to find the same product (not every product is international). it would be cool IF it would be available! but could you tell me what BACTINE contains? then i could buy a product thats just like bactine. it would be really awesome as i already have two minimalistic things that make my
  8. hi there ! as i am german it might be a bit difficult to describe my problem but i hope i can tell you somehow. i am generally a shy person. when i was a little kid i had some years where i ONLY played with girls. but when i got 12 i was totally shy and couldnt talk to any girl anymore. i blushed all the time and got really embarrassed. now i am 16 and i am able to talk to girls again but its still not the same because many times i blush again. but the blushing is not really my problem (it suc
  9. hi guys since i dont see anything else to do i want to start the pee-on-face treatment. i was just curious because i dont want to do it when anybody sees me so its gonna be in the night (or sometimes daytime). but i dont know how to combine it with the regimen. is this regimen good? -> 1cleanse with cleanser 2let skin dry 3pee on a cotton thing and apply it to face 4let pee dry 5apply bp to face 6apply moisturizer should step 1 and 2 be the other way round? i have no clue how to do this ple
  10. wow i really like this page! thanks for the link. especially the comparison with a kid that learns riding a bike motivated me. i always thought like after a week:" oh shit it doesnt work i have to do something else". thank you !
  11. oh damn if its really the pasta then i could have saved much money >.< :'( my family eats lots of pasta. my dad doesnt live with us because hes not longer married to my mom but she has to work so we usually dont have many time to prepare food. we mostly ead wholemeal bread (self-baked), potatoes or pasta (i love pasta). but our pasta is also wholemeal. its not the typical white pasta but a bit darker (yeah, wholemeal lol). do you think this wholemeal pasta could still be a cause of my acn
  12. hi guys so im lookin forward to my soon to be clear skin (hopefully ). but i have one question left: after your skin is COMPLETELY clear and has nothing left, do you still do the regimen? do you still apply bp and moisturizer (or whatever you take) until forever ?!
  13. and you sweat more on the head with a hat on. the heat cant go away
  14. hi guys! so i finally have the things to start my regimen. i started 3 days ago with cleanser-bp-moisturizer. i realized that the bp seems to have turned all my active whiteheads or opened pimples into red bumps (hills, whatever). is this good or not? will they go away or should i change the regimen?