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  1. I just finished a 5month cycle of Accutane. I took 40mg alternating with 80mg. Basically, the stuff is amazing. The only side effects are dryness and redness, both of which I had while on topical treatments that didn't work nearly as well. The dryness got pretty bad at points and I woke up with a bloody nose three or four times but once I got into a moisturization schedule all of that went away (for the record I used aloe vera on my face at night along with aquaphor on my lips and in my nose and
  2. Dont let the scientific facts get in the way of your own personal preconceptions. Firstly what sort of permanent change are you talking about? Secondly you say "permanent" then you say "years and years after" the two dont necessarilly mean the same thing. If you actually read my posts you notice I acknowledge "long term remissions" are not uncommon. Thirdly how can you tell if the continued remission is due to the persistent effects of the drug or to the spontaneous remission of the acne itself
  3. i'm getting my bloodwork done tomorrow so I can go to the derm on saturday. I really should have done this before... I've had acne since 7th grade (i'll be a senior next year) and it's fucking horrible. It's nothing severe, but it's enough to totally kill any self-esteem I had. Unless I'm around the 4 or 5 people I feel comfortable with, I shy away from everybody and it's tough to deal with things. I can't public speak because I feel like they're looking at my blotchy red face, etc. I'm soooo fu
  4. After 4 years of acne that's never been horrible but has always been enough to ruin my self esteem and confidence (which comes back when I look in a "good" mirror which happens occasionally) my derm is finally going to prescribe me accutane this week. I've heard stories about how the dryness gets really bad and am wondering in advance how best to minimize the side effects, especially the drying ones? Thanks for your advice.
  5. I've had acne for about 4-5 years at this point. It's never been serious (I have one or two tiny tiny scars, but nothing major), but it is extremely noticeable and totally destroys my self esteem, self image, etc. It's not like I'm unattractive to other people because of it, but I think I am and so I act the part. BUT ANYWAY I have what would be considered "moderate" acne, I suppose. It's been like that since it started, and I've been on a large number of prescriptions: Retin-A, Tazorac, Azelex
  6. I've been on the regimen for about a year so far. I don't break out majorly anymore but my skin isn't as clear as I'd like and I'm looking for a way to finish this problem once and for all. I've started the lemon / vinegar thing, I take mino 100mg twice a day, and I use BP at night. I found out yesterday about B5 and havea few questions about it: 1) Should I get off Mino? 2) I only have moderate / light acne. How long should it take before I see results? 3) What brand of B5 is the best and
  7. hiiii I'm going to try cutting dairy out of my diet (as well as a couple of other things) for the next 2 weeks - month, but I'm not sure what I can eat in its place. I have cereal every day (pretty much) and drink milk with most of my meals. If you have any advice re: alternative breakfast foods (I like oatmeal and waffles but I usually have a glass of milk with them). Also, after how long without milk should I expect to see any improvement, or whatever's expected to happen? thanks, walt
  8. hello I can feel (and sort of see) a fairly large cystic pimple under the skin on my right cheek. I'm on the regimen as well as mino twice a day. Anyway, cutting to the chase: Is there anything I can do to get this to go away before it reaches the surface, or if that's inevitable to reduce the effects? Thanks.
  9. actually, i am mostly free of actual pimples though they do develop occasionally. i am mostly afflicted by red marks on my cheeks and forehead. do either of these methods work on red marks?
  10. I read a while ago about the 'wash cloth method' where you put a warm wash cloth on your face at some pount during the regimen. I remember hearing good things about it but now i can't find any mention of it or what it was meant to do. Does anyone know?
  11. My facial acne has mostly cleared up thanks to the regimen, but I still have a morderate amount of acne on my chest and back. I have some leftover Tazorac from when I was on that a while ago, and am wondering if it's safe / useful to put it on my chest / back acne. I ask because Tazorac is free (through insurance) while On the spot.... isn't. :roll: Has anyone tried this before? I've been doing it for the past couple of days, and all that has hapenned is my chest (where I put the tazorac on) be
  12. I don't think it works either. I started it about two months ago, and I'm almost completely clear.