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  1. applying foundation wrong... not blendling black eyeshadow and heavy black eye liner during the day and i am pale black lipstick with whats mentioned above wow i'm cool going crazy with the glitter wild coloured eyeshawdow so wrong...
  2. i am average looking i guess...anyways i have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. he doesn't care when my skin looks awful he says i am beautiful either way and that he doesn't notice my pimples. he gets pimples too. and i don't care. he is still hot. i think it really is about whats on the inside. i also think that there is someone out there for everyone. and i truly hope that any of you that are alone will find someone to make you happy!
  3. [attachment=24752:Snapshot...100121_5.jpg here is a picture of me the quality is crappy and so is the lighting. what can ya do. you can't see anything on my skin in this picture. whatever.
  4. i have some... -people who dress like skanks in front of kids. - caked on makeup -visable lip liner -larger people wearing belly showing shirts
  5. i have some questions about this...if someone could help that would be much appericated first off i am not really sure what i should use a powder or liquid? its all so confusing there are so many different kinds. i have been reading here in the forums for a while now. but i am not finding anyone who has the exact same problem as me. dose anyone else find makeup makes your skin dry? it seems to for me. i've tried mixing in with mositurizer but got not very good results. what moisturizers do yo
  6. i need some help choosing a makeup or a few different ones. i really would love some advice on this it would be awesome! i have trublend liquid makeup and i have covergirl smoothers aquasmooth compact foundation (apparently for dry skin) i have not found these very good at all. and before i go out and buy a whole lot more i thought i would get some advice. i have really dry skin in patches. it gets flaky. i put makeup on, it looks awful. i try to mix it with moistureizer it looks crap...or it wi
  7. i recently tried the new super mario bros for the wii and i loved it sooo much! i love mario games. but others are good too.
  8. oh thanks it is gone now. it got worst first. it was a huge bump. it looked like i smashed my face off something. but it finally bursted and has gone away. it hurt so much i couldn't even wear a hat to hide it. anyways i thought i would mention that it was gone. thanks for all the advice ppl!
  9. aww thanks. thats really nice of you to say. i just usually get it in one area but jumbo. if ya know what i mean. my doctor doesn't seem to care about any skin questions i have. i also live in a small town and we do not have a dermatologist. sp? but i will see if i ask my doctor maybe he could do something. thank you again could you recomend a moisturizer.? my skin gets RED, ITCHY and flaky from too much benzoyl peroxide.
  10. does anyone know what this is on my forehead. its scabby on top from me trying to pop it. but i can feel it something very hard below the skin. will it come to a head or not i wonder. i have tried hot compresses and i've also tried freezing it. i am rather stumped on what to do now....