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  1. can someone post a link of where i could buy it in the uk please im not quite sure which one it is thanks
  2. im on day 107 of my accutane journey so far, and now active acne is not a problem.. but i have many marks around my cheeks left over, would it be okay to treat these scars with emu oil while on accutane, and does anybody know the best way to apply it? thanks
  3. can you guys give me some tips on how to deal with being on accutane during the summer, as it is slowly kicking in!
  4. would it be okay to use the sauna and steam room while on accutane? im currently 129lbs and 6'0, day 62 on 55mgs a day.
  5. i totally agree that clean and clear oil free moisturiser is great while on accutane.. i started using it when i started my course and havent had a problem since! it's very light and gentle on the face too
  6. hi, does anybody know anything that i could possibly take to help me concerntrate more while on roaccutane.. i manage to persevere and get on with my coursework but for some reason it just takes alot longer, accutane related or not
  7. Does anybody know a good face wash that is suitable to use while on tane.. im not sure what to use as i forgot to ask my derm! thanks
  8. Yup read this article around a hour ago, if accutane screws me over in the future ill definately be claiming my $25M haha!
  9. I guess it depends alot on the person & the dosage ammount.. everyone reacts differently, as long as it's not as bad as the initial breakout guess ill be fine
  10. RIGHT, ive just finished my first month of roaccutane on 30mg daily for six months.. i have my first monthly check up tommorow, im wondering if my dosage is upped by my derm will it mean i will i break out again as im finally starting to see small improvements!
  11. thanks for the advice guys - i applied some simple antibiotic cream onto it before i went to sleep, and woke up to find it scabbed over and is slowly healing hopefully
  12. thanks, im gonna try get my hands onto some tommorow!
  13. your very right, when you have acne it feels like people dont judge you for yourself but what a person looks like! i hate how most people i know judge by looks before personality, thats probably just where i live. thanks - im still trying to think positive keep my head high, during the I.B it was like mates or someone would come upto me in college like what the @£$% happened to your face kind of thing.. too upfront around here lol for the first week or two i felt like hiding away, but that wou
  14. OH GOSH! im on day 24 of roaccutane...felt like my skin started to calm down over the last few days right today, i was at college in the bistro (cafe), and as i opened the door to walk out some genius smashed the door directly into the side of my face from the other side accidently :\.. i carried on walking as i didnt want to attract any attention to myself as i already dislike people staring at my face unusually. I felt something run down my face... BLOOD! somehow just above my cheek i mana
  15. Hey! im on day 13 of my roaccutane course at 30mg, for the last 3 days or so ive been experiencing 2-3 nose bleeds a day .. is this normal?