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  1. hey there fellow brit =)

    1. that's such a bad analogy : /
    2. masturbate* i mean no there's no conclusive evidence no , but most people on here would beg to differ.
    3. I guess that has been the norm for quite a while now , anyone with acne is considered abhorrent and repulsive , since acne is more prevalent now people are more empathic although deep down theyre still consistent in their hypocrisy.. sad but true
    4. wayney

      Things You L♥ve

      Hot showers Driving Reading Studying Making eye contact with someone you're attracted to and having them smile at you Freelance/Creative writing Talking to people you know you can trust Running.... mmm it's just cathartic Girls who are rather bright and stubborn -_^ Food Commuting to the local pub <3
    5. you seem to be profoundly introspective , which in the long run isn't very healthy especially if it's regarding acne :/
    6. wayney

      Dealing with stress

      Ah... Acne Stress. The precognitive assumption that a breakout is seemingly inevitable only makes it worse, i know this probably means nothing but most people are generally way too busy to even notice your acne! seriousy. There's no need to take strict puritanic measures to make sure you're stress free 24/7, Stress is pervasive and you have to find a way to deal with it whether it be posting on here , talking to a close friend .. whatever someting to take your mind off things, i know it's hard e
    7. Utter misuse of a phrasal verb there chief =< sry , I just had to endure a 2 hour english lecture. On Topic : I've had Facebook for a year , had hi5 prior to that and they're... useful to keep intouch with friends i guess although some people take them too seriously.
    8. when i was 16 i missed 4 gcse's because i had a few shiny red pimples on my face : ) That was a fun summer..
    9. wayney

      Valentine's Day

      Yes, spending it alone most likely : / Prolly working all day then hang out with the introverted asian exchange students down the hall. I'm spoilt for choiceeee
    10. wayney

      Baking Soda?

      isn't bakingsoda irritable? bicarbonate is conventionally found in toothpaste to minimize erosion lol and ofcourse cooking/cleaning appliances , i'm not sure scrubbing your face with it would bear good results...