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  1. how come there are so many people that are claiming that it's like a super quick cure? i'm wondering if they really are seeing results.. can anyone who've seen results post some of their experiences with vita-k?
  2. ive been using vita-k for about a month now, and am starting to doubt if it is effective at all.. initially, i thought i saw some minor improvement in the redmarks, but it may have been my mind playing tricks on me.. since everyone else seems to be having such great results with it, i'm wondering what's wrong.. hmm.. my vita-k is "Vita-K Solution for Blotchy SkinVitamin K... 80% more free..haha.. so i was just wondering if maybe it's my bottle that sux, or my particular case, or is Vita-K
  3. 25,000 iu is the amount daily... usually, each pill is about this much
  4. hey maya.. do you know whatever happened to sad_n_lonely? did she ever email you back? it's really sad to read this post and see that she's only posted one message ever.. i hope she's still with us..
  5. describe your scars.. are u talking about discoloration or indentation? i'm sure there are many options available for you.. dont fret!
  6. i'm pretty satisfied, and even thrilled, to see the discussions and the productive building-up that's going on.. sure there's the occasional catfight.. but most are in good nature...
  7. i've just read a couple people say that BP, although effective at getting rid of the pimple, tends to leave a worse mark than without BP... hmmm.. is this true? if so, should i discontinue BP so that my redmarks will go away faster? how sucky.. i am using vitak rite now..
  8. whoa.. are you guys serious? so bp is bad for the redmarks that are left?... hmm.. anyone defending bp??
  9. how much vita k do u guys put on?.. lets see.. for me.. the spots have been going away noticeably.. but it wasnt the overnight wonder drug that i'd been secretly hoping it would be.. hehe.. =P also, dont get lazy and stop putting on BP and thinking its okay.. i did that.. i started using only vita k.. and i started to break out again.. so yeah.. learned my lesson.. and sticking to BP and vitak.. i put bp first then vita k.. once in a while, i'll just go to sleep with only vita k.. hehe.. i g
  10. about the vita-k... it's called vita-k solution for blotchy skin.. that's the one for fading redmarks from acne... i dunno bout the skin lightening system.. i dont think i found it on drugstore.com, so i went to ulta.com.. they have good prices there.. i've been on vita k for like two weeks now.. and i must say i'm pretty satisfied with the results.. its still early.. but i've noticed real improvement.. one thing is.. it's not like.. u have a face full of red marks one night and when u wake u
  11. man.. isnt it really annoying when u have a scab that formed and the pimple starts to dry out, and in a couple days it'll be healed.. aND THEN!! you take a shower, being all careful to not let the scab become a casualty.. being all gentle.. and then you come out from the shower and look in the mirror and GASP!! the scab is gone and there's a nice little pink pit where it used to be!! great.. =(
  12. hmm.. good point.... never thot about that.. i always assumed it would be a cream, and indeed when i squeezed the tube, it was cream.
  13. newgirl.. don't give up journaling!! it helps a lot of people here, and i'm sure it's a good catharsis to yourself as well.. i'm looking at your post "views" and it's at like.. 360 right now.. that's how many times people have visited.. so don't lose hope.. be encouraged.. i hope your accutane experience goes well.. it might start to break out more as u up your dosage, but it will get much much better after that.. so don't give up!! and smile.. =)
  14. have u looked into VitaK for blotchy skin? i've heard it's really great at helping heal the red marks.. i've personally only been on it for a couple days now.. but it's supposed to work really fast.. u should look into it.