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  1. Ok so I am at 11 weeks and I feel as though I can't catch a break! I have adjusted FINALLY to 2 full pumps of BP since week 8, but for whatever reason, I still get a stray pimple on my face that occasionally gets big and its always just as another is healing. I have not been completely clear in weeks. I mean I know its just one pimple but it sticks out like a sore thumb sometimes. Could it be that im using too much moisturizer? I mean I use Dan's moisturizer but, WAY more than he suggests becaus
  2. So I have discovered something sort of... it seems as though I was on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer for 2 months, and all the while it may have been sitting in my bathroom closet! Now I know not everyone will agree, but I would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience! Now as Brandy and C'est La Vigne have told me several times in the past, most moisturizers will lead to redness and burning in the onset of the regimen, but some have better results than others. I have personall
  3. So I made it 8 weeks, and i'm quite proud of myself for getting through the rough days of severe redness and dryness from the BP! I have finally pushed myself to the full dosage of BP and switched back to Dan's moisturizer. It seems like it no longer turns me red or has that really bad burning effect. It actually moisturizes the best out of all of the moisturizers I have tried, but I couldn't stand the redness and burning when I started the regimen! But anyway, for the past few days I have not
  4. I like ceraVe moisturizing lotion. It leaves a very matte finish on your face and moisturizes pretty well. Sometimes it makes me red, but so does EVERYTHING i've tried! Good Luck!
  5. Ok weird question... I have a pimple on my lip from using a comedogenic lip balm, and it is right in the corner of my mouth along the skin line... I can't put AHA or BP there so... do I pop it or leave it to heal?! Thanks
  6. ok so, i'm aware of that fact, thanks! but I have used it before with great results. I'm just looking for reasons why it might have been so harsh this time. I really like it when it works, it completely eliminates flakes, and makes my face look very nice, but I don't know what i'm doing wrong to make it burn like it did last night! Just looking for some suggestions!
  7. Ok so after going through several episodes of redness, stinging, soreness, tenderness, and overall hell with my face through the past 5 weeks, I have gotten clear! My face all last week and this weekend has been the best it has been in a long time! Until last night...... I got home from work and cleansed as usual, I applied my normal amount of BP, and waited about 15-20 minutes! Instead of my moisturizer though, I figured why not try some AHA?! Now mind you, I have used AHA+ before as my mois
  8. Ok, so things were going well with ceraVe and less BP as C'est La Vigne suggested early in the week. Then last night... all hell broke loose! I applied 1/3 fingers length of Dan's BP as my face has become used to, (any less and I can't spread it on my whole face). Then I sat and waited for it to dry for the usual 15-20 minutes. Now, my skin has turned red after moisturizing since day 1... but it has felt pretty normal with very little stinging so far since using less BP! Great! Right?! Well all
  9. Happy Birthday C'est La Vigne! You are a great moderator and I'm very greatful for all your help! party it up and have a great day!!
  10. Thanks you guys!! I love this site because people actually like to help others! So a little update on my situation, last night and this morning I tried something a little different. As c'est la vigne had said... I used slightly less BP, but enough to cover my whole face pretty well. I waited about 15-20 minutes and at the time to moisturize I decided (because I looked all over the place for Complex-15 and couldn't find ANY!) that I would moisturize with my CeraVe as normal, but just dab it on
  11. I actually do have jojoba oil and I use it religiously! I ordered it from the start of the regimen and i use it in the CeraVe to try to lessen the redness. Although it soothes the irritation, it doesn't cut back the redness for me. I think i'm gonna try to pick up the Complex-15 and see how well it works! i'll post back in a few days if I get some results either good or bad! Thanks c'est la vigne! btw... while I have you still... i just wanna sneak two more questions in... 1) have you heard
  12. hi c'est la vigne! i was hoping to get a response from you. and thanks HotAsian09 for your advice too! I guess i'm just looking for a magical moisturizer to arrive that, even if it isn't the best "moisturizer", will just leave my skin its normal color, albeit a little dry! To answer your questions, I use a thin line of BP, probably about 1/3 fingers length. And yes I tried cutting back to once a day with that and I broke out. But still after applying the BP even once a day, my skin would be
  13. Well I guess this isn't going away anytime soon then! lol, but I guess my biggest concern is how long this can last while not even using the full dosage of BP? I mean, I really wanna be able to lather myself up with BP like so many others on the full dosage! and again, I wonder why its ONLY the moisturizer that turns me into a burn victim? any ideas?
  14. So I am at the one month mark and although I am pretty clear, here I am, still red! I have not changed a thing with the BP because when I tried to up the dosage it didn't go so well. So I tried last week, to cut the BP dosage to once a day for a few days which helped, but I welcomed back 5 new pimples! So that turned out to be a bad idea. And here I am, back on twice a day BP feeling like its week 1 again! I have found that Jojoba Oil feels great on irritated skin, but it isn't helping the red
  15. Nope it's par for the course while beginning BP. c'est la vigne is totally right about this. And I'd like to tell you that 1 month will improve the redness around the mouth, (and hopefully for you it will ), but here I am at 4 weeks and to my amazement... still RED! And sure enough, I got a nice fat pimple right below my mouth which was probably caused because I spent week 4 doing the regimen only ONCE per day to combat the redness! not such a good idea in retrospect! I'm starting back with tw