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  1. ultra44

    DAY 106: Nasty floater

    I've been using this gel-like eye drop it really helps. It feels like lotion in your eye! Its called GenTeal Lubricant Eye Gel
  2. ultra44

    Day 31... lice scare... oh my!

    I'm a little over a month in on Clavaris, I have the same thing. Outrageously dry lips and dry scalp. I tried putting coconut oil on my scalp and letting it sit there for a few hours. Then washed my hair out and put conditioner in. It felt TONS better and lasted about a week!
  3. ultra44

    three, ouch.

    Hi! I'm 22 also and I'm a little over a month so far. It's funny you developed cystic acne! I never had acne in high school either, then about a year ago it just got worse and worse so fast!
  4. ultra44

    Hard lumps under skin

    I am so glad there is a site like this I have the same thing along my jaw line. For me, the worst part is the itching. The lumps seem dry or something and are generally irritating. Sometime I get them right along my cheekbone. I just recently saw a derm for the first time after years of thinking something I could buy would help. The derm put me on clavaris. My acne has improved so much! They said their would be a worsening period initially, it hasn't been so bad. But, unfortunately these lumps