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  1. texasguy15

    day 41

    damn im so ready to have clear skin again...
  2. texasguy15

    Day 37

    sorry its been so long since ive posted. after i finished my first cycle i had to wait about 4 days to get my next refill and when i went to my derm she changed my prescription to taking 60mg a day (2 30mg pills a day), which i didnt really understand since my acne looks better than when i started but oh well. so since my last post i had a few more around my mouth area but nothin too bad. i also got three on my right cheek which was unusual but theyre gone now. My mouth and chin area is actually
  3. texasguy15

    Day 22

    so thankfully things have started to clear up. With the help of popping pimples (which i know you shouldnt do but for me it speeds up the process) most of the breakout on my forehead is gone and i only have one medium sized pimple on the left side of my mouth and then just a few small ones. I started getting very dry around my mouth and chin, i guess because the breakout was getting cleared, so i have started using the moisturizer which helps alot so far but i only use very small amounts. Im hop
  4. texasguy15

    Day 18

    well this sucks...I think i've had my initial breakout that i was dreading. My mouth/ chin area got quite a few new ones but none that were too bad. My upper lip got a pretty big one that hurts kinda bad and then, the ones i hate the most, i got some on my forehead. I think i can even feel another one coming out on my forehead. School is gonna suck cause even though im a guy i get pretty self-conscious about it...i just hate everything about it and wish no one had to go through it. Hopefully at
  5. texasguy15

    Day 11

    so not too much different but im definitely starting to get more dry. i have yet to use any moisturizer just cause im worried itll clog up pores and make me breakout but if i keep getting even dryer then im gonna have to. I have gotten a few little pimples on my usual area on chin and mouth but i can see a lot of little ones under my skin on the left side so i guess everything is starting to come to the surface. Also i have gotten a couple on my forehead. So i guess ive kind of had an initial br
  6. texasguy15

    Day 7

    wow im really impressed with this stuff. that cluster i had on my right side is completely gone except for a few marks that arent even very noticeable. I've barely gotten any new pimples since i started on tane and when i do get one it isnt bad at all and it goes away pretty quick. hopefully this continues cause im so happy with how its going
  7. Has anyone who's used accutane ever started to clear within the first few days of use?
  8. texasguy15

    Day 3

    The main cluster of acne that i had on the right side of my mouth and chin continues to clear! However, i cant be sure that im one of those lucky people that starts clearing very quickly on accutane because i think this breakout may have actually been caused by my old face wash. I was using triaz wipes twice and sometimes even three times a day so i think it was just drying the hell out of my skin. So now that ive stopped with that and started using cetaphil, which is really gentle, its starting