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  1. I guess it was fraxel 2... i dunno... can't really remember settings or anything like that lol
  2. I had fraxel done around January 09 and i maybe saw a 15-20% improvement, not sh*t if you ask me... anyhow, i haven't been on these boards since then... it looks like the hottest thing out now is dermarolling? is that correct? Is that way better than fraxel? I wanna get another treatment done, but not fraxel if possible. I want something more guaranteed. Thanks
  3. OMG... thanx for the reply bro... that makes so much sense to me now....for a second, i was almost getting depressed
  4. while ur on accutane(i'm on day 23), it makes ur previous acne scars more visible... it seems like the scarring i had before wasn't THAT noticable but now my scars seem defined... wtf...
  5. i tend to toke up every other day because its boring as i dont know what here in arkansas.. anyhow, is it ok if i do both? i figured it would be... if it aint, i'll stop on the drop of the dime, i dont want to do anything to jeapodarize my tane..
  6. lol i'm probably just being paranoid...
  7. i didn't know about some of these side effects lol.... like for instance, i took the 40 mg pill like 7 hours ago (first pill) and i can already tell that my lips are gettin a little chapped... oh my.. i didn't know that this stuff was actually THIS strong... also, i love my hair, i just read that hair loss is a side effect? uh oh wtf lol... i never knew that one... well hopefully it doesn't happen to me...i guess i'll be on this board now that i'm on tane...
  8. lol those are 2 different girls... they are just friends.. ;-D
  9. t virus, i do the same thing. I look at girls and wonder how come i can't get the cream of the crop (yeah they may be shallow but they sure are beautiful) and i even look at guys and wonder why are they so blessed and i'm not..... i can't wait to try and do some fraxel...
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    random stuff
  11. i thought i was the only person who thought about my skin 24/7. I always think about lighting and etc...
  12. yeah i'm about the same color as a darker mexican or darker indian person (from India), so i figured if it could work for those skin colors, it would work for me... i guess the majority of the people here at this website are caucasian and would never have to face this issue
  13. I recently looked at the fraxel website and there are some docs around my area who do fraxel.... so now my question is, will fraxel work for me? i have darker color skin and here are a couple of pics...(the pics really dont show my acne scars at all but they do show the color of my skin....) I was also watching a video on fraxel and the announcer said that it can work on darker skin, there just needs to be some modifcations....plz, can anybody confirm this?