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  2. hi, what percentage of a tca blue chemical peel should i get for what i have? there is a 50% and a 80% tca blue chemical peel on ebay, but the 80% one seems really powerfull, also in there advert it says, use with extreme caution for proffesionl use only....im no proffesional rarther clueless, i understand your ment to dilute them with water first but not sure how much to dilute them? anyway it comes with intructions but im still unsure of what % percentage of tca blue chemical peel to get? 10%,
  3. hi, ok had a look on ebay and there is a tca chemical peels one is a 1oz bottle of 80% tca and another is a 50%, wouldent you go under cardiac arrest using the 80% one? sounds toooo powerfull, what % of a tca peel should i get? havent got any acv left but will try what you said. cheers
  4. yeah man, they leave scares you only have to look at my previous post to see, its not so much sqeezing the spots i dont think, its if you pick the healing scab off, the reason the scab is there is because its repairing whats underneath, pick this off very early then its gonna be red underneath.
  5. hi, ok thanks will try them, i tried apple cider vinger neat and it felt like my skin was on fire, havent got any of the other stuff, ill try drinking the apple cider vinger aswell.
  6. hi, whats a sa wash? can you buy both and the chemical peel thing in united kingdom? ill get someone to buy it for me as im not gonna show my self up buying this stuff, ive tried stuff around the house {none of it my stuff} some kind of cream, tea tree shampoo, more cream, vaseline,apple cider vinger, that stung btw, i put it on neat and it felt like my skin was on fire. overall even worse now. i always thought that its not what you put on your face, i thought in order to repair bad skin your su
  7. My Webpage, hi i posted a link to my webpage of my acne scares and here, im 28 had acne mostly in my teens but a couple months ago had two bad spots but i sqeezed them out of boardom they were healing as i had scabs but cause i dident like the scabs i picked them of now left with just red marks, what u use to get rid of this? thanks
  8. hi im 28 i shouldent get this sh!t at my age but had 2 spots a couple months ago, i made them worse by playing around with them by picking of the scabs and then left with these red marks had for 2 months.