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  1. alright, thank you so much

  2. No problem. =) Just waiting and giving them time to fade was what worked best for me, really. There's a thread somewhere on the forums about using ACV, which is supposed to be pretty effective. I haven't tried it, though.

  3. o ok.. i might try it later on.depending on my results with acv toner.. well i appreciated your response!!

    do you have any recommendations for clearing up hyper pigmentation?

  4. unfortunately, Meladerm didn't do anything for me when I used it in '07. =/ I only used it 3 weeks though, so maybe I should have used it longer? G'luck if you're thinking of trying it.

  5. hey lauren, i seen a previous post you made about meladerm, and i am wondering how did it work for you? respond if you have time haha thanks

  6. hey dan, do you have any information regarding your acne.org spf product?