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  1. Hey friend, i think there most definitely could be a connection between the two. When i was on Acc, it dried out my nose so much i had a record number of bloody noses. I literally had to put small amounts of vasaline inside to keep it semi moist. But also, curious as to why your treatment is so long? 10 months sounds like a long time.
  2. random1

    Takes Time

    Takes Time

    To get the main points out of the way, this product is best suited for light to moderate acne, and it takes many weeks to see improvement. This is kind of the "first defense" a derm will suggest if you're starting out seeking treatments, as it is generally well-tolerated and not too harsh (although there are some side effects).  Time. Time is a huge factor. This is not like benzoyl peroxide as this product needs to be used consistently, preferably on a daily basis (at least for 6 weeks, the
  3. Wow, that's even more surprising. I wouldn't have thought that all of those products would still not be enough. My derm has always quoted 6 weeks as being a long enough evaluation phase. So it's crazy to think that 8 weeks for you isn't showing more progress. Hmm, how are you feeling about it right now? At the very least is the number of new breakouts being reduced?
  4. Hey there friend, one thing that stuck out to me is the possibility of a chemical peel? I was only going to say that in essence the Tazorac is a chemical peel, just at a lower concentration. My only concern for you is too much chemical exfoliation at once can harm the deeper layers of your skin. Especially since many tetracycline antibotics cause sun sensitivity. When dealing with retinoids, it's important to always protect your skin by using sunscreen and avoiding the sun, tanning beds etc. Wit
  5. While I think that Sal. Acid could help, I'm not sure if the initial breakout would just add to the problems. Hmm, I think Benzoyl Peroxide is not a bad route to go. Also, for some reason this slightly reads to me as a allergic reaction. Are you using any new cosmetics or other facial products? Those can definitely cause these types of small bumps.
  6. Hey there friend, yes I have tried all of these products so here is my take. In my opinion, those products are simply not the right type/strength that you need. In my experience retinoids and AHA's (and the like) work best for light cases of acne. Of course, your dermatologist may have wanted to try out less-harsh products first and then work his way up, but if you are already at 8 weeks and still not seeing much improvement, then I do think it's time for another type of treatment. If he/you ins
  7. I do think that washing twice a day is largely beneficial. But perhaps a moisturizing cleanser can help offset some of that oil. Also, of course some people simply have that type of skin, and there's no shame in just blotting the skin throughout the day to keep it under control. Overall like I said, I think you've got great control over it at the moment, so it's nice that all you have left to do is some minor tweaks. Best of luck!
  8. First of all I just want to say I think your skin looks great =). I do understand that you want to curve those last couple of persistent zits. You mentioned you are already using Sal.Acid, AHA, and BP? That just stuck on to me because I'm not sure in what amounts or how often you are using those. Perhaps those could be contributing to your oily skin, since dry skin is going to be fighting back and creating more oil. Also a note, while I myself love the Acne.org moisturizer, I feel it can be on t
  9. controlling inflammation in the short term is a simple yet somewhat difficult problem I've found. I went through something similar, and eventually, I landed on Dapsone gel. It is a prescription topical gel, and it works great for inflammation. A little goes a long way. If prescriptions aren't really an option, some calming lotions, such as those containing colloidal oatmeal can curve it. Aloe vera does work, but in my experience it needs to be re-applied far too often to really really make it a
  10. I know you said you don't use the products at the same time, but I did read that list as being more on the stripping side. Charcoal cleansers in general are oil-absorbing my nature, and so that plus a treatment (which in my opinion are drying in some form or another) just may be a tad too much. Treating acne too harshly can most definitely create more problems than it solves, but most of us have tried a "tough" regimen at some point in our lives, I sure had. I totally get you want to subdue it b
  11. I'd say you have a "light" version of acne (though not trying to say your worries are unfounded). I simply say this to say I would start with the more gentle treatments and work your way up. Your skin doesn't look dry, which is good! So I would say something like .25% salycilic acid wash and a light lotion like cerave pm. You can try it out and see how your skin likes it. That's honestly my best tip, is for you to listen to your skin. If something burns or leaves you looking more for the wear th
  12. ok first what vehicle of aloe vera did you use? (what were the ingredients)
  13. Personally, I have never broken out when switching cleansers. But I will say that switching to gentle-er treatments always carries a less likely chance for breakouts as opposed to upping the treatment with harsher/stronger stuff. Basically, if cetaphil or cerave are your choices I think you should do just fine
  14. It sounds like you want/need something thicker and more moisturizing than what the "lightweight" lotions provide. Therefore i would suggest something petrolatum based. Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing comes to my mind, but really anything petrolatum based will provide a good moisturizing barrier.