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  1. Thank you, if I hadn't had your blog to follow along with reading some of these other posts I probably wouldn't have made it this far. Trust me I wont be giving up I dont have any other topical options in mind, lol. Making it to the wedding and honeymoon and being comfortable is keeping me motivated too. I think I have a shot at clearing up before then. I've also set another goal starting Monday which is to lose 15 lbs by the big day. I wish I would've taken some before photos to share my progr
  2. Yes every since the one time we talked about it I started using it at night. I also started using the cetaphil bar soap and I love it. It makes my skin feel so soft and its not over drying like the liquid. I went to my derm yesterday she got mad when I told her about how I changed up my regimen (using the taz at night due to my research and not using the bleaching cream). She pretty much confirmed my suspcion as to why she had me wearing it during the day due to little sun exposure here in th
  3. Congrats happy to see things are still going well. I think it only gets better from this point forward. My intial breakout lasted forever but is finally over and things are looking great. Its funny how it seems like things can just turn around overnight. I think switching up my regimen like we talked about did the trick for me. I had to put off using the bleaching cream my derm prescribed but the taz actually worked almost just as well its just a slower process. Taz will fade redness and the
  4. lol, that's hilarious I swear my fiance is the same way as your hubby...men. I normally can;t get anythinng out of him without asking. When they do you know it's the truth. I'm truly happy for you and hopefully you may just have it under control. I'm not sure what I have to do not only has the hormones messed up my face but my cycle is hay wire too, so time may play a huge role in getting my face together. I remember you said your acne started after you came off the pill how long did it tak
  5. Thanks for replying I appreciate your feedback. I started applying taz at night yesterday and didn't get a chance to put on the bleaching cream. Your right its not going to work putting it on two hours before, I'll have to figure out a way to work it into my regimen eventually. My acne is hormonal and all started after I stopped taking my BCP l refuse to take them again considering what they've done to my hormones. Its caused me to sometimes get cystic acne but have only got maybe one or two s
  6. Okay I'm ready to be as far along as you are in progress, so I've come up with an idea. I'm going to start putting on the taz at night and see if I get better results. Maybe the little bit of day light I do get is preventing the medication from doing what it's suppose to. I haven't got any new break outs the last couple of days so I guess that's a good thing. My hyperpigmentation isn't that bad so I'll just put on the thdh for a couple of hours in the evening, wash it off then apply taz at n
  7. I'm glad one of us is progressing, so happy to hear of your good news.I think those couple of days i applied taz all over set me back. I got a couple of new pimples but they didn't last long, still very disappointing and there was some soreness. I can't wait to start my higher dosage of solodyn I'm sure that will help. I also believe my occassional cup of coffee needs to be eliminated I strongly feel it has an adverse effect. Keep your fingers crossed that as we come closer to the 12 weeks it o
  8. Sometimes I don't know what to believe, I want to believe that they know what they are talking about because they are the professionals, but I truly question some of things they say. Such as in the beginning I was only applying the Taz to the affected areas and things were clearing up. All of a sudden I get this bright idea to do exactly what my derm said and put it all over, so I tried it two days this week & you should see how much new stuff sprung up. Boy do I regret doing that but its
  9. Okay, I'm with you..I would stick with it. I went to the derm yesterday and saw a different derm in the office because my usual one wasn't there. She made it seem like I looked horrible, granted my face isn't clear I had some new white heads but she made it seem like my face should've been crystal clear, she therefore proceeded to give me injections. Now one thing I did like she seemed truly concerned. She said it was time to be more agressive and that its better to just use the Taz as spot t
  10. Congrats on getting married! I get more excited by the day. That's a good idea about the makeup classes because I honestly don't know how to apply it I just dab on powder every once in a while. I honestly don't like to put anything on my face if I can help it, I've always liked the natural look. For the wedding I figured I'll just go to the MAC counter and let them work there magic hopefully by then I won't have anything to hide.
  11. The sad part is I never had acne as a teenager and got compliments on my skin & complexion all my life. I believe my acne is hormonal and due to going off of birth control, about 9 months ago. But yes I've tried ProActive but it didn't work for me, thanks for the suggestion. I've been on Tazorac for 2 months now and I'm starting to see some improvement. Wish me luck I hope to

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling. I have never had sever acne or even moderate acne it just started to leave dark marks that were not leaving before my new actives started. People get results from ProActive. Have you tried?

      1. Just wanted to wish you luck, I'm also African American/30 (not a teen) and dealing with this horrible thing called acne. Not on Accutane but Tazorac but still want to lend some support.
      2. I read that as well and wondered if it would still work. I'm indoors most of the time and winter in Cleveland isn't sunny at all so I guess that's why I can get away with it. The hydroquinone is very visible and doesn't get rubbed into the skin like taz so you can't wear it out the house. I believe that's the only reason she's having me put taz on in the morning. My derm also said the taz was good for blemishes also so hopefully the combo of both works asap. I'm getting married in July so s