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  1. Well today is day 15 on Claravis. Two weeks down! I started doing 40 mg every other day on Monday (01/25) and remained at 20 mg on the other days. Month 2 the Derm said I would be on 40 mg every day through the third month and then 60 mg the last three months. So far I think this hasn't been too bad. The 4 trouble spots which came after starting Claravis are completely healed. I have had about 4 decent sized whiteheads pop up over the last 2 or 3 days. I popped them before showering each day
  2. Well today is day 11 on Claravis. I finished my first blister pack yesterday. No new breakouts since the 3 or 4 which happend after starting accutane. Of those, 2 are completely gone and the other 2 are actually healing nicely. I was worried they would not heal very well because the skin was way too dry but it is looking good today. Woke up today even more dry then in the days prior. Skin is just flaking off (how much skin can one loose?) After a quick bath the skin come off and you look goo
  3. Took 9th Claravis pill today. I woke up with wicked dry skin. Peeling all over the place. Once the skin peels, the area is slightly red. Using Neutogena oil free sensitive skin moisture. First bloody nose today while showering. Skin looks bad compared to day 1. (I started accutane finally looking good). Now have 4 spots including a cystic one. One spot is open and since the skin is dry it is not healing very fast. These would have happend even if I was not on accutane so I can't say I'
  4. Today is the start of my second week. No new spots and no improvement in the existing two that I developed in the past few days. I noticed I am very dry today. Skin is peeling around the mouth and eyes. Definately do not use the products you had been using prior to accutane because your skin will not be able to handle it now. Constantly putting chapstick or aquaphor on my lips. My headache is now gone and no other side effects yet.
  5. I am officially 1 week into my Claravis treatment. 3 new blemishes in the last couple of days. One went away kind of fast while the 2 others are hanging around. Skin on my face is more dry than usual and flaking in some spots but still oily in the T zone. Need to blot with a paper towel every couple of hours. Have a headache but not too bad and itchy skin on my arms and legs. No other side effects.