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  1. 26 now... still not outgrown it completely, but it has gotten less (even though i get really bad cysts now, from time to time)
  2. My bacne was at least as severe as yours. Do some treatment, before you scar like I did (I look like I have been thru some horrible torture. In a way, that's true.)
  3. One of the major problems I have w/ my GF is the possibility of having a breakout. I feel so insecure when I have broken out, and only the thought of it makes me want to escape. So, yes, it's normal.
  4. I read in this topic that the sea salt bath helps with body scarring as well. With what type of scarring exactly? I have lots of raised, small, white scars that are soft to the touch. Also I have some hard, brownish spots, that feel almost as if there is a small piece of rock under my skin. Thanks!
  5. My acne was bad. I don't think there is a place on my body where I never had acne. Chest, back and face used to be covered in acne, until two years ago. I went on a holiday to the beach, and, even though I felt embarassed, sunbathed for three weeks in a row. The acne was gone and my skin looked perfect. I had scarring on the shoulderblades (I think there are about 40 scars there) but hey, 'big deal', I thought. I have been lucky enough not to have (noticable) scarring on the face. But lately I
  6. Two months ago I got a huge cyst in my neck. It has subsided now, but the place where the cyst was is reddish, and hard (when I 'stretch' my neck, i.e. moving my head to my shoulder, I can feel this hard lump). I've got a similar spot on my chest. Can anyone tell me whether this is a scar or not? Will this lump eventually subside (I hope so). Thanks.
  7. Lol, I was just thinking about the scientific way I, and many others here I bet, are approaching acne. When I see a spot on my face I look at it from all sorts of angles and then I make a scientific guess how long it will take to go away, or how long it'll take for a whitehead to form. I also know exactly when I can pop it (basically when the spot doesn't hurt anymore, but this also depends on its place) and how long it'll take for the initial redness after popping will subside. That's just sick
  8. Your skin will look better if you live healthily and eat healthy foods. However, I feel that food does not affect my acne at all. I have tried to eat no chocolate, cookies, crips 'n stuff for a couple of weeks, but it had absolutely no effect at all. So now I'm just eating away and my skin actually looks better than at the time of the 'experiment'.
  9. I think I'm going to save this post on my hard disk. Great post!
  10. Your face looks fine, but I realise you can be stressed out about it. You're probably scared that your acne gets worse, and being troubled by acne for some time makes you very self-conscience about your appearance.
  11. I definitely have similar experiences. 1: Acne on chin 2: Acne on chin + forehead 3: Add neck, back and chest. 4: By the time my acne on my chin and forehead became less (I hardly get any pimples on my forehead and chin anymore) my back, and in particular my shoulders, are severely scarred (lots of raised ones). Also, I have some scarring in my neck, all because of picking. Stupid me. 5. No acne in neck, this time it was the cheeks' turn. 6. Even though my cheeks are still red (i have one red
  12. Jawline marks take a very long time, definitely.