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  1. errr not so goooddd my oil has come back =[ !!! and im starting to break out a bit near the nose. i went to my derm 2 days ago and she said shes gona put me back on accutane 40 mg once a week or i can take it twice a week depending how oily iam. its basically a maintenance. If it still doesnt seem to work out she said i might start a whole session agian.. Damn i wasnt even clear post accutane for at lest a month... lasted only 3 weeks or so... =[ i got the worst luck. I think it was du
  2. Not so good guys =[. Woke up today with a bunch of oil on my face. The pimple on my left cheek is deflating, but i got a little small one near my nose. not really a pimple but its small and red. My face is pretty red iono.. is accutane not working anymore? hope it gets better soon. Maybe its cause ive ate pasta for a couples of days now. Ill see what happens if i stop eatting it. Be back with more updates
  3. my face has bee acting good. but today it was slightly redder. I also got my first pimple on my buttom left cheek. It isnt really noticable but wen i washed my face i felt it ><. I guess it came from the soda and cookies ive been eatting. still so far so good
  4. so yesterday august 7 2010. i was playing sports after a while my shin bone started to feel weak. i could barely hold my self up or move fast. Now today after a sleep it felt better but still i feel a pain on my shin. I dont think i hurt my self playing handball. Since its on both of my shin. There is no swelling, But when i push down on my right shin it would hurt. iono i hope this aint related to accutane. But my still havent gotten any new pimples . Still got some redness. The couple of pi
  5. So right now im gonna take my last pill, thats 60mg a day (30x2). About 3 days ago i looked at my face in the mirror looking for bumbs/whiteheads/lackheads/pimples.. and i was pleased to see i didnt really have anything ! All i saw was about 4 little blackheads around my temple and right cheek. i could even count them lols. it was about 4 at most. so i took one of those pimple extractor to take it out, and i did so. the next morning i wake up having 3 pimples on the spots i extracted T.T". I g
  6. I have 5 days left of 60 mg a day and i start my last month ! I went to the derm today and im going to be taking 60mg agian for the last month. So im be goin back to the derm 2 months from now to see if i improve while im off accutane aswell. I dont really have any pimples but still aint quite happy yet. my pores are pretty noticable, and still have sum bumps on my face. The clinque redness solution kit(3 sets) helps the redness a bit . But it seems to clog my pores a little. Im not sure if i
  7. went to dorney park yesterday so i got pretty dark and burnt a bit >.<. my face is really red. I have one pimple on my right temple. The white heads seems to be goin away. its not really noticeable. My oil seem to decrease a bit. I Just got clinque Redness Solution, and today was the first time using it. My face seems less red and blotchy. But it might be cause of the 3rd step which is a spf 15 with a tint that makes the face whiter. So ill see how the 3 step redness solution helps with
  8. So today is month 5 and i just took a 30 mg pill with soy milk and water, at night i shall take another 30 mg pill. im hoping to see dramatic result with my higher dose this time around. Been on 40 MG a day for 4 month straight -.-" currently i have one small pimple on my left cheek, blackhead/whiteheads a bit of oil and redness, no dry area and scars on my jawline mostly
  9. still taking 60 mg a day. my skin aint really dry but its reallly oily rite now ... ive gotten small white heads and black heads around my chin/ cheek area. they never really dry up and wash off. so yes i popped them again =/. I even feel the corner of my nose feeling itchy. thats a sign a white head is forming or wat not -.-" this is annoying. someone prey for me that my acne/ oil control gets better >.<. PS i havent used lotion on my face for atleast 2 months or so
  10. my face is look a little better cant really tell the difference from 60mg and 40 mg. I only had one pimple near my ear and my face started to get a bit red agian. I guess when im off accutane my face would get less red, knock on wood. Well tomorrow im gonna get my blood work done. wish me luck
  11. My derm called me Saturday saying my blood work passed and i came in on monday to get the prescription. I AM FINALLY ON A HIGHER DOSE!! WOOSHHH. I got one new box called Sotret called sotret 1 tablet twice a day. So my dose now will be 60 MG . While i was off accutane for about a week my skin acted pretty good, my skin was less red and dry . Now it might turn red agian ehh.
  12. so ive taken 119 pill so far and when i went to my derm yesrerday she said they cant prescribe me another month due to my blood work.. so today i did the blood work and now i have to wait for my dermto call.. it should take about a week =/. month 5 i might have a higher dosage instead of 40 MG agian. I came in the derm wanting to show them my minor breakout which i shouldnt be having im guessing so hopefully ill be having at least 60 MG a day next week. My face is still red some pimples near
  13. My face been really red lately probably cause ive been playing sports outside. Also it feels that my face flush alot aswell. My pimples are still there and ive been getting really itchy on my body such as legs and elbow. My face is starting to go negative once again =[
  14. I have 2 big pimples near my eyebrow and my left cheek. And starting to have alot of white heads coming back -.-.
  15. my last pill of month 3 ! month 4 starts tomorrow and its a new accutane box. It aint claravis but Amnesteem 40 mg a day. My derm wont bump me up =/. I asked him about my redness and large pores. He said " accutane doesnt shrink your pores" ... As soon as he said that i was thinking in my head, does he know what hes talking about cause i did some research on it and such so iono. Anyways i think it was 2 days ago i had sum new pimples coming out agian and i formed a rash on my right arm and start