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    Super soft, healthy, glowy skin. If I squeeze something I won't wake up looking sick like I have the plague. I'll have glowy skin and a little wound with minimal redness that looks like it's healing well. Blackheads and areas with black heads are less 'raised.' Far fewer blackhead on my forehead. I have dry peely skin, especially if I squeeze pimples/blackhead but not since I've used this. A little goes a really long way Results seen in just a co
  2. As an update: It has stopped being that oily. He discontinued a medication and summer stopped simultaneously so I don't know which it was.
  3. sophie1

    Keeps skin pretty damn clear and smooth. Stay out of the sun I love this stuff. I use it on my t-zone every night and it stops pimples developing further. I haven't had any massive pimples since i started using it. Get it!
  4. My boyfriend's skin gets so oily that it literally drips into his eyes. Less than an hour after he cleanses it'll be oily again. He's looking to me for an answer but I don't know because I have really dry skin. Does anyone have any suggestions for controlling oiliness between face-washing (he's too lazy for the regimen)? Thanks! (He uses Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash and I usually can't convince him to bother washing his face in the morning because he thinks it's a massive effort getting his f