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  1. Thanks for your response, Ichance23. Bump! Can this be used for ingrown hairs and whatnot?
  2. I personally use Dan's Moisturizer (I used to use the old one that was discontinued in 2011, I believe) but I personally find the absolute best moisturizer to be Jojoba Oil. One drop gets me through perfectly for the day, and I usually use like 5-6 drops every night and wake up with really hydrated skin.
  3. Now, I've been on the Acne.org Regimen for a solid three years and would consider myself an anecdotal professional. I currently am 99.9% clear and have been for about two and a half years (the regimen took about six months to fully kick in!) I could not be happier! ...Or so I lied. I love the regimen, but I'm the kinda guy that loves to try out new products even though the ones I may already use are absolutely fine and work perfectly. http://www.selsunblue.ca/natural-dandruff-shampoo.aspx
  4. Alright, I'm a dude that has been on the regimen for roughly three years. It's great. I love it. My skin, however, in my T-Zone is very, very oily. I often have a nice sheen going on roughly two or three hours after I've done my rendition of the regimen prior to my shower. I read somewhere that in order to control glare, one can apply pure silica powder? I haven't heard of this from anyone or anything reputable but I'm just wondering what you guys would recommend. If anything, I'd love for
  5. Connor Cliche

    - Brought me from 95% clear to 100% clear! - Inexpensive - A whole HOST of additional health benefits - Puts me in a good mood - Takes 4-6 weeks to see results - 3 pills a day (the 3-in-1 pills are HUGE!) I FULLY recommend fish oil as a dietary supplement for all walks of life. I did a ton of research on it before I took the supplement (like any other supplement I take), and found I could only benefit from it. I have been taking fish oil daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) f
  6. I have Celiac disease. The fact that you're European actually means you're more likely to be gluten intolerant. Celiac disease and gluten intolerance is more prevalent in caucasian and fair-skinned people. It's so prominent in Finland that they actually have gluten free buns served on their hamburgers as per the customer's request at McDonald's. Ever since my diagnosis, I not only feel better (duh) but my skin has been way better off, too. I'm assuming that this is from the gluten.
  7. Ah, I already use AHA+ religiously! I have the 16 oZ bottle. It lasts me a while. It's a lifesaver but I don't think it fairs out well as a spot treatmen! Thank you so much though, guys!
  8. I'm going to just say yes, give it a try. I'm eighteen and I suffered mild acne throughout a lot of my early teenage years. I've now had beautiful, clear skin (like in commercials - I'm a dude, so also using no makeup) for about two years. I've been on the regimen for three. It just goes to show that you have to be consistent once you start! If it doesn't work out, what have you lost? A few bucks, but at least you know you've ruled out a huge obstacle in clearing your acne (knowing that this reg
  9. Connor Cliche

    - Blots excessive oil flawlessly - Small, portable - Non comedogenic - Expensive - There should be more in the package (100-200 sheets.) I use this product when I'm on-the-go. I often resort to splashing my face with water when I get home, but if I'm out socializing and find my face gets oily (which it often does), it's quick and easy to make a small bathroom stop to blot up excess oil. I personally recommend these! They work amazingly and remove any excess oil without
  10. I've been a user of Acne.org's products, resources, and information for about three years now. Never been clearer! I've been fine-tuning my personal regimen to tailor it to my specific needs, all while keeping Dan's universal regimen as a base. It has worked flawlessly. However, even though some of us are 99-100% clear, there still are a few problematic pimples that squeeze themselves in every once in a while. I've been using Clean & Clear and Neutrogena's Spot Treatments for just under a y
  11. So I've always wondered how I can optimize and make my personal regimen more efficient at what it does, all while benefiting my health (I drink tons of water, eat a lot of greens - I have Celiac disease so I don't have much choice - etc...) I had my mom pick up some Zinc supplement tablets today and I took one after eating my dinner because of the side effects if you don't take it with food. Now, my supplement is only 10mg. I'm thinking of taking it both morning and night (after dinner) to se
  12. So I'm sunless tanning... aka tanning bed (for prom!) and although I know you guys don't condone to that type of thing, I'm wondering if I put the tanning lotion on my face (it's a tanning bed lotion "accelerator" - it basically moisturizes your face and preps your skin for the tanning session). And before I get into everything, I've found that tanning sessions (be it in the bed or outdoors) help keep my skin even more clear than they would originally be. I have a list of the ingredients here:
  13. Hey guys I've done a few searches and after searching for a new moisturizer (formerly using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer - it's yellow), I was swamped when I went to the Superstore (a Canadian all-around store) and found a bunch of spot treatments as well! As for my moisturizer, I'm a seventeen year-old senior in High School and I am now 99% clear from Acne.org. My skin is simply radiant, and the only times I ever seem to break out now is when I don't do the regimen! So stick
  14. Oh! Perfect. Number one tip: (I actually just revised my own "regimen" about two weeks ago, and I managed to make my skin even more clear.) BE GENTLE. I can't stress enough how much this changes things. I've always been gentle, but when you follow Dan's regimen as close as he recommends (especially with touching your face), you'll find that this will account for about 10% of the appearance of your face. I'm surprised what it did to my already-clear face. Good luck!
  15. Itchiness/dryness/flaking is all very normal during the beginning weeks of the regimen. Allow your face a few weeks to settle in to your routine; you're putting foreign germ-deducing chemicals on your face, so obviously it's going to react weird. Just stick with it, and when these next few weeks are over, you'll be glad you stuck through.
  16. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Don-t-give-up-t291556.html Check out my little "story"/experience with Acne.org's products. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with Dan's regimen! It's pulled through better than some - most, actually - of the "best" treatments (Cetaphil, etc...) out there! I'll never not use Dan's products, I've been hooked for a year and a half now!
  17. Hey! Thanks for the reply. To see results in the clearness of my face, I would probably say around the 3 week mark. It was quite boring within those first three weeks, but after that, I got really excited to see the progress I'd make daily. Nope! I put it all over my face. I get my pump and I put it on the tip of my index finger, and then I grab "blobs" of it and put it on 5 areas: on my chin, both of my cheeks, my forehead, and my nose. I rub it in very gently afterward, and then I brush
  18. I had mild acne (similar to yours) for a while, too. I'll send you a link to my thread/success story so you can get a feel for what Dan's Regimen is like for people who have mild acne. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Don-t-give-up-t291556.html Hope it helps!
  19. Hey guys, Short success story and why I now swear by Acne.org's precise regimen, a few added tweaks, but you gotta find what works for you! **Forewarning: This post has no structure whatsoever, I'm giving my brain a little relaxation for the week we have off! Typical "high schooler", here. A year and a half ago, I had mild acne; one or two pimples here and there. However, once I'd get rid of one, another would pop up somewhere else. Deciding to put an end to it, I began researching and lo'
  20. So I did use the Search Boards function, and to no avail, I did not find anything of useful information; don't hit me! xD Anyways... I've always had a series of small blackheads (they aren't noticeable, however, I do notice them - being over-analytic and all) that are on my nose, nowhere else. Now, I use Dan's BP, Moisturizer, Jojoba Oil, however, I use my own various face washes (depending on whether I want to exfoliate, or want a light scrub, I have a few.) Now, is there anything SPECIFIC
  21. THE OIL IS A GODSENT. I think it's almost as effective as the BP. I've only been on the regimen for about a month and a half and I'm 100% clear. I had very mild acne (I'm OCD about my skin and teeth), but now I have no more breakouts, and my skin is ALWAYS baby smooth. It's amazing. The Jojoba Oil is AMAZING.
  22. In the early stages of the regimen, your skin gets very dry, and dry skin also stresses out your skin, which could have triggered the acne. As for the moisturizer, simply apply less, or sooner before you leave the house, to give it a chance to absorb into your skin. As for the quoted post. That's - no offense - the stupidest thing you can do; smoke. Yes, it may reduce stress levels, but really, is risking your LIFE worth getting rid of a few whiteheads? For some, yes, but SERIOUSLY. SMOKING?