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    Graphic Designer. Student. Life Enthusiast.

- Brought me from 95% clear to 100% clear! - Inexpensive - A whole HOST of additional health benefits - Puts me in a good mood - Takes 4-6 weeks to see results - 3 pills a day (the 3-in-1 pills are HUGE!) I FULLY recommend fish oil as a dietary supplement for all walks of life. I did a ton of research on it before I took the supplement (like any other supplement I take), and found I could only benefit from it. I have been taking fish oil daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) f

By Connor Cliche,

- Blots excessive oil flawlessly - Small, portable - Non comedogenic - Expensive - There should be more in the package (100-200 sheets.) I use this product when I'm on-the-go. I often resort to splashing my face with water when I get home, but if I'm out socializing and find my face gets oily (which it often does), it's quick and easy to make a small bathroom stop to blot up excess oil. I personally recommend these! They work amazingly and remove any excess oil without

By Connor Cliche,

- quick and easy - cleared acne in 2 days - keeps breakouts at bay - blends in - does not overdry - itchy on face - sometimes stings i honestly do not know WHY i never went on Dan's acne treatment before. i just purchased the travel size of BP in case it didn't work, but now im going to be sure to purchase the entire servicing kit! thank you dan, and good luck to everyone! be sure to moisturize after you've applied BP!

By Connor Cliche,