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  1. tiggy2166

    glycolic acid

    Right, I've come to the conclusion that the green mask is not going to work for me a well as I want it to. If anything, its best use is to dab on inflamed spots, as it does seem to calm them down. Other than that, it just seems to be a nice face mask, very good at clearing oily skin but not an acne cure (not for me anyway -skin too dry) My skin lately has become frazzled, dry, feels like I've been out in the Sahara desert for a week with no water. Looks very dehydrated. And I'm still SPOTT
  2. Ah, I see my pictures did not show up in yesterday's blog. Oh well. I didn't apply the alien mask last night in the end, thought I'd give my face (and my family) the night off I did apply blobs of it to certain spots to see whether they'd go down overnight. They do seem to get better if you do this. My husband thinks I look insane, which of course I do...but I don't care. I also applied benzol peroxide (10%, it's all I had last night) lightly to my whole face and neck. My neck is lo
  3. So I was thinking last night, after putting on my green Mint Julep face mask and looking like an alien.... all my skin related misery over the last umpteen years has been down to P.acnes, a tiny bacteria that lurks beneath the skin surface (harmlessly for the lucky ones - good for you - excellent) but which causes despair and frustration for the rest of us. I found a picture of it on the net...here it is:(I'm not sure whether these links will work or not, they don't in the preview) do
  4. Day 2: Applied mask again last night, applied moisturiser afterwards, and this morning my skin looked fairly bright. Still a bit flaky. Got a couple of new spots yesterday afternoon so I also applied a dot of the mask to those overnight. They'd calmed down by this morning. For a cheap treatment, it seems to be working well so far. Certainly hasn't made my skin any worse. Verdict so far: my skin is improving but I still look better with the facemask ON! applying again tonight. I
  5. I'm trying this mask because I'm at my wits end with my face grrrrrr. My acne has been really awful for about a year now. Have suffered with acne on and off for years. As you can imagine I've tried pretty much everything bar roaccutane, and having read about some of the side effects of that particular treatment you couldn't pay me to go and pick up the prescription. So, I've bought this mask and I'm hoping for some results. Here's what my skin is usually like: dry, with flaking skin that