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  1. I got an answer back, and it looks good to me, anyway, i ordered the product line and will write a review when i use the products for a week or so, so stay tuned ) This is what the friendly lady wrote to me : I have read the comments below, and whilst I understand what he is saying - he is incorrect in his statements. Alcohol Denat is included in some of our products - but it is not a true alcohol, so will not be drying on your face. These alcohols are used in cosmetics as solvents, or preser
  2. Are the products of www.studio5ive.com or www.xcdskn.com not better for you ?
  3. Last year on vacation i was watersurfing, and the saltet watersplatters made my long eye laches(haw do you call it ?) realy look good and curled. IS there a mascare that can give me the same result ? I dont want a color to be in it, just dry it out a bit and make it curly. Thanx in advance !
  4. I`m also interested in this product line, i`m emailing with the lady from the company and will buy the product, i will let you know what i think of it. Where can you see the rates given ?
  5. Thank u very much, this micht be just what i need, it looks promising !
  6. I dont know why but i never get any reply`s, do i do something wrong ? Anyhow, i will buy the product i mention a few inches up and share my experience. Friendly regards
  7. Hello I have been surfing this forum and the internet to look what would give me a good looking skin. And i came acros this one : http://www.4voo.com/education/ed_bronzer.htm Has anyone experience with it ? I have to wach face with soap and then apply this gently ? I do alot of sport, i play soccer, work out, and at my work i also sweat by time to time. Is sweating okay or will it run out and will people recognice that i wear make up ?
  8. Hi Werd ! I have a soft brown tan at the moment, i visit once a week a (haw do you call that things where you lay under with lichts so you get a tan, Zonnebank in Dutch) But still this does not let me look good, i want something i can aply after waching my face and gives me a natural little bit browning tan. Do i have to use powder to achieve that ? Has anyone experience with this product ? http://www.studio5ive.com/HTML/mens-foundation.htm And the skincolor of me is MEDIUM BEIGE COMPLEXION h
  9. Hello I`m 28 years old and i have a skin problem ! I dont have acne or anything (somethimes one comes up) but my problem is the color of my skin ! If the color of my skin is good the girls are realy in to me ! if the color is not okay they look @ me and they have a reaction from : Yuck he is ugly ! Color of my skin makes ore brakes my looks ! I found this out a few years back on vacation in Portugal, i used a self tanning spray on my face and all the girls where interested on me. Back home i