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    I love the tingly feeling. Believe it or not I would use this as a spot treatment if one of my angry red friends had popped. It worked really well in removing excess crap from the area. None really A lot of people have said stay away from this product, but not all products work the same for every person. I say give it a try...it was worth it for me and that's why I finally bought another bottle!
  1. MsKate89

    It's been awhile

    I've been pretty clear for about two and a half weeks...then a series of spots popped up in the same place as always, my left cheek. I didn't wait, I picked of course. They healed within a few days because I'm mean to them and force them to reduce quicker using unconventional methods. This leaves scars and little bumps but at this point I would rather deal with those than a spot. This is me being stubborn again. I can deal with the mental distress over covering a scar more so than covering a bum
  2. This is gonna sound weird but after one has popped/I've poked it with a needle and squeezed some stuff out (I know, aaahhh don't do that!)...ANYWAY, after I've done that, I put a big spot of neutrogena deep clean on it and by morning it has usually reduced to a scab or at least a way smaller version of what it was. This probably isn't recommended by anyone else but I've founf that it works for me because I am impatient and will deal with covering up a scab rather than a huge blemish.
  3. It's tough. The guy I'm dating hardly breaks out at all. He doesn't have perfect skin but he doesn't have acne like at all. It's a little intimidating for me because I've been on a constant string of breakouts ever since a month into when we started seeing each other again...so that was December when it started happening again. I feel so self conscious about it! Sooo sooo sooooo much. I try and hide it in the light when I talk to him and go see him because I have seen his eyes flick to the spo
  4. I'm pretty sure the southern air was a big factor in my minor breakout this week but I'm getting it under control...I hope haha. I'm in a good mood though...even though it is raining outside here in lovely Ohio. The beach this past week was absolutely beautiful! I have the most gorgeous pics of a sunrise on my phone. Not only is that southern air just constantly wet, but I also didn't get much sleep because we were required to leave at 6 every morning to go teach at a school an hour from
  5. How has everything been?

    1. You know how you get really happy and excited when you clear up (which I have almost done yay!)? Well lately I've been experiencing this sick feeling along with the happiness...the feeling that says this won't last for long and you'll have another spot to deal with in just a little while....I HATE that feeling. I'm trying to follow this new regimen that I came up with and it's kind of intense I guess cause I'm doin a face wash and neutrogena deep clean and witch hazel and BP and then I've got mi
    2. Ok so now I'm starting to think that my 'acne' problem is not actually acne but what they call that pirytosporum folliculitis. I have all these clogged pores that have been around forever and have not turned into anything yet but some that have been irritated have turned into big inflamed bumps...like acne but now I'm not so sure that it is. Yes, I get pimples every so often like everyone, but I really think that what I have may be more of this fungal infection than acne. I'd actually rather it
    3. Ok question. I have been on this site for just a little over a month and only recently came upon discussion of this fungus. It has me really intrigued. I'm starting to think that my acne is actually this pirytosporum that people are talking about because I have a couple of clogged pores that have been there for weeks and you can see it when the skin goes taught on my cheek and I think it may be this stuff. So here's the question. If these spots get irritated or ruptured in anyway, will they be
    4. MsKate89

      Me :)

      Ah the wonders of makeup...I also took some pics with natural lighting and you can see the spots I've had to cover up under the makeup.
    5. Thank you for that. I was in the middle of an emotional breakdown this morning when I read this and you made me so much happier. I'm beginning to think that this acne that I'm having is related to hormonal issues. I don't know...there's definitely a deeper issue though because I used to be happy all the time but now I cry and get depressed a lot and I'm definitely thinking its hormones.On top of that I think the guy I'm seeing was a little freaked out by the fact that I broke down in front of hi
    6. I hate going through these mood swings. I hate it because the one spot I thought I had under control has gotten bigger. Ugh. I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU! I'm convinced that this is why people become drug addicts and alcoholics. I think one of the problems is I haven't really been eating the past two days because I haven't had time really and when I do hae time I just forget about it because I'm not hungry at that moment. I hate this. I hate my face. I feel ugly. I'm not ugly. It wi
    7. Ok so no one will probably read this but IF YOU DO...my mother advised me today to stock up on my vitamins so I bought B-6, Biotin, and I already have Niacin on top of what's left of the Minocycline I've been taking for a little over a month and then Ibuprofen. >phew< that's a lot to remember haha on top of using this new cleanser and moisturizer and BP. We'll see what happens in the next two days because I am hoping these suckers go down even more by saturday night...that's my guy's band'
    8. MsKate89

      3:04 PM and I'm ok

      Ok so this morning I was obviously not in the best emotional shape but today has been a good day so far. So my face is still broken out...OH WELL. I have covered it up as best as I can with makeup and I know that my guy still likes me even though I am broken out so that's really the best thing. I skipped one class today and it wasn't because I was emotionally distraught...it was because I went to lunch with the guy and had a good time I was even able to sleep this afternoon and now I have a
    9. I hate looking at my face in the mirror. I used the aveeno complexion clearing face wash last night and the ultra-calming cream which granted is supposed to be for day time but since this stuff doesn't clog pores then it should work at night too, right? I put more BP on and it looks even bigger today. It has been four days since it's birth and I am ready for it to die already. Like ok, it looks like it's coming to a head but at the same time it hasn't yet. Like you can see the white under the