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  1. Hi Guys!! A proof for those reluctant to believe that Acne is related to Intestinal disorders is Adult Acne. The question in this case would be: how adults develop acne when they are not suppossed to generate enough testosterone such as to produce sebum and therefore acne. As we age we tend to produce less hormones (including testosterone), and this is in fact one of the first aging symptomps in our body. Since acne is supposed to be produced because Testosterone turns into Dihydrotestosterone
  2. Wrong, Certainly, I have not found any information linking bowel disorders to acne, probably this is one of the missing links, the question would be, is there any relationship between bowel disorders and hormonal imbalance?? If so, what then becomes cause and what becomes effect, are bowel disorders cause of hormonal imbalance or vice-versa? Most likely, human research is not in condition to answer this question yet. Did you know that the biggest chemical laboratory in the world is the human b
  3. Some of the root causes of acne are linked to bowel problems that may be caused by candida, leaky gut syndrome and parasites. All of these problems will produce you both indigestion concerns and excess of toxins in your bloodstream due to permeability imbalance of your intestine that allows undigested food to pass through. The way back to recover the proper permeability of you gut is not that simple; it takes time with a lot of discipline and a radical change in your western diet.