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  1. It's been a while since I have been on here, I have near enough as it looks tried everything to try and get rid of my acne and to disappointment nothing has worked, even the Acne.org regimen stopped working for me why are we in 2016 and acne is still a issue and all them people with beautiful faces and bodies mock us, really gets me depressed on top of my already existing depression plus all these Pharmacies profiting from our misery.... And before you ask about diet, yes I did take that
  2. Trust me acne is far better to have than cancer try seeing your grandma and grandad die from it, I had to watch them die slowly because they couldnt be cured from cancer so dont say u would rather have cancer than acne its a stupid remark.
  3. My face goes red aswell, bp is a harsh product even if its dan's but like you say it could be because of the room temprature, because when Im neer a cold place my face is fine then bam soon as I get to a warm/hot place it starts to get red and my face also feels hot.
  4. It sounds to me like you have hormonal acne, because you are not past 21 yet, reason why I say it could be hormonal acne is because you said "One minute my skin's clear, the next minute it's crazy with break outs" I could be wrong but awell atleast Ive helped It Also depends on if you are smoking, stressing alot or anything that can unbalance your hormones. Ive heard bad things about Roaccutane, but I could not say yes or no to you to take it because I dont know anyone who has taken it and I h
  5. Ye I agree it looks over mild but super mild is a bit drastic, thats how my acne use to look, its quite easy to get rid of with the right products and patience, good luck you can beat the acne dont let it bother u.
  6. Week 2 Sorry for not putting pics up sooner but I was busy so here they are anyway My face seems to be getting better exept the big spot on my forehead but that should go in time.
  7. If masturbating causes acne, mabe its because of hormones not being balanced so they unbalance more when u come, which breaks you out, but if you didnt masturbate then your body could heal the hormones and that might balance them eventually. Its stupid that some people think that masturbating carnt unbalance hormones, because if u think about it you are putting stress on your body which isnt as bad as normal stress but can do a bit of damage. Im not saying everyone will break out if they masturb
  8. Use a blender to make it into a liquid then put it in a jar and then vala there u have it. Make sure u cut the leaf green off and get to the gel otherwise it wont go right.
  9. I am using Anew Clinical facial peel from avon my mum gave it to me to see if the marks would go and they are fading slowly.
  10. I just cut down how much bp I was using and that did the job for me, hope what ever you do it works for you good luck.
  11. Mind my french but I dont give a fuck what people think about what I look like its there problem, if they think I look ugly they get the bad karma not me, we are greatful for life but people who never get acne dont bother about life they throw it away and wonder why they die young.
  12. Whats wrong with that near enough all the male celebraties wair makeup so I dont see it as a big deal.
  13. It use to happen to me, hardly happens now because I am clearing up, if I knew the answer then I would tell you.
  14. Az112


    Try and up the bp a bit more, mabe you are using less bp than you really need to get rid of them, reason I say to up the bp is because you have been using the regimen for so long that mabe your skin has changed and needs you to add more bp to help.
  15. Brandy's right dont substatute other products for the regimen unless you now its good for you and if you are doing that dont force it, just slowly ease your way on to the product because if you rush it can go wrong.