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  1. Completely normal. After 3 months I look like the don fucking omega. Stick with it
  2. QUOTE (AKeshi @ Jan 23 2010, 03:37 AM) For most people, the redness that follows moisturizing happens because their skin is not fully accustomed to BP, even if they were following the Regimen precisely. The BP puts a strain on your skin. It is something completely alien, something your skin has never experienced before. Medical people call it "xerosis", we call it dryness. The redness you get after moisturizing occurs because of the condition your skin is at. The BP has done its work. It has o
  3. What the hell do you think? Obviously if it's burning you to the point of hurting, don't use it.
  4. Awesomeness. I've had clear skin for the first time since I was 16 (24 now!) and absolutely love it. Just want some of the old scars to fade quicker! ;>
  5. http://www.vaseline.com/Carousel.aspx?Path...escueRange/Home Intensive rescue moisture locking lotion. Working well for me - redness almost gone and less flakes
  6. I am. But my face looks like its been blow torched. Anyway, I stopped the regimen for 3 days - Just cleansing and moisturising. Redness is gone now but I have 2 new spots - no biggy. Will ramp down my dosage from 3/4 finger length to 1/4 and report results.
  7. Happens after moisturising. Using acne.org products only. I do not like being a salmon.
  8. So you're saying try it without BP for one night then if you liek it - JUST use BP in the morning ? It seems to sting / go red after moirsturising. :( Using acne.org products
  9. Holy shit, Last couple of days my face has gone sunburnt red - using 3/4 length finger of bp. Any experience similar? How long will this shit last?
  10. hahaha, yeah I definitely need to cut down on the yo! Well from the looks of that thread - anything under £18 doesn't get the charge? Depending on the site maybe they sent them as 'gifts' or something? I chose the quickest delivery option and it took literally 4 days and I ordered on like xmas eve - also something to note was UPS was the company it turned up with and the guy was literally an albino... Was like something out of lord of the rings! Let me know how it goes!
  11. yo kat, http://www.acne.org/messageboard/UK-Custom...98#entry2791198 is a thread about the UK taxes issue but it doesn't really solve it
  12. Are you kidding? This is probably one of the most ill informed posts I've ever seen on a forum. Yeah I got fucked by a £20 charge when I ordered the starter kit, really sucks.
  13. Nice, obviously everyone has different skin but how long would you expect this to last? For a month? Such has been the success thus far I'm already getting worried about how I'm going to get my next batch of products as I got stung pretty badly by a income tax charge (I live in UK). Any ideas or suggestions on this ? Thanks very much for your speedy response(s)!
  14. Yo, Been on regimen for a week using acne.org starter kit - huge improvement already, all good stuff. Just wondering if the itching caused by the BP subsides in time? It's not unbearable but it's enough to whine about in a forum post. Using about half a fingers length of BP. Peace
  15. What do they contain? Sounds really dodgy to me.