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  1. Its kind of hard to explain. But if you look at my face in general you can tell that its been through some acne troubles, and I'm trying to find a medicine/wash that can make it fade/become less noticeable. Any tips?
  2. And to Lady Odd Duck, i change out my bedsheets alot at both my dads and moms, and the food is pretty much the same
  3. This may sound really confusing, but my acne becomes alot better whenever im at my dads house. I go there usually every weekend, and any pimples that i had on friday before i go are really easy to get rid of using my usual products. But when i get back to my moms house on sunday, any acne i get during the week is really hard to keep under control. What could be the problem?
  4. http://www.acne.org/potato-reviews/852/page1.html that is the link to the review that someone posted about their experience with potatoes. If anyone has any idea on the subject, please post!
  5. My acne itself isnt very severe, it just looks bad because of all the scars. Help?
  6. GreenDay4Ever

    Smells nice Easy to lather Wont kill when used with other products Slightly drying Somewhat quick to run out It does what its supposed to, it's a wash. Used in conjunction with other products, it really helped. Alone... dont put all your confidence into it alone.
  7. its been about a week and a half, good results so far, few and far between small pimples. The Acne.org moisturizer never stopped torching my face, it continued to be red, swollen, and burning. Im using the Cetaphil moisturizer for the rest of the time for the regimen. Anyone have any products they would reccomend over the cetaphil?
  8. I have a long day, and sometimes my face can get (and look) dirty or oily, so I wanted to know if there is a product that can be used between the 12-hours of the Regimen uses.
  9. I've used the regimen for 4 days so far, to eliminate the light acne that remained from my scattered treatments before, and its been working good so far! But the only problem i have is the moisturizer. People say that the BP is the main offender, but that is nothing compared to the moisturizer. It gets red and burning within a few minutes, and never usually fades until the next day. Is this a sign it should stop, or continue, hoping the effects will subside? Thanks.