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  1. my skin is pretty bad imo im on epiduo and 200 mg doxy but i am having my first derma appt in april and im hoping for the TANE. How difficult is it to be perscribed that. Im male 18 6 feet 5 200
  2. both my parents said theyve had less than 10 pimples in there life! WTF
  3. Makes no difference i smoked weed every day twice- three times a day. along with 3 of my best friends im yet to see any of them even get a pimple. I have quit at times and see no improvement so why stop doing the most fun thing in the world. Although i do sometimes get wicked self concious when i am high and that cant be good.
  4. Ive been on doxy and the regiman for 2 months i use purpose gentle cleanser, acne.org bp, and neutrogena sensitive skin moisturizer i have seen little improvement if anything it has gotten worse with alot of whiteheads alll over i think i may be using to much moiusturizer i cover the face with about as much as i use for the bp
  5. This is my first post here, i am very embarresed about my acne i was always the good looking guy and the athelete. Start of my freshmen year of college i started to breakout when i had never really had a pimple in my life. I have 1000's of little tiny whiteheads, many blackheads, and some red bumps. I went to the doctor two months ago and i was put on doxycycline 100mg twice a day. I have seen very little improvement. I am also on the 3 step regimen, I am using Purpose gentle cleansing soap, Anc