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  1. some random soap, some bp, some moisturiser, some random deoderant, some other random toothpaste and thats it! Um and some eumobase, (random crap). All in all, a bit random.... =-|
  2. WOW!!! where have all your spots gone! thats great mate, well done, just shows that with time and persistance it all pays off, i bet ur feeling so much more confident. WELL DONE YOU!!!!! horris. )
  3. Can someones explain to me what a cyst looks like. Ive got 1 spot under the skin, inflamed and red but not actually breaking the skin. Its about 4mm wide, what is it?
  4. What does toothpaste do to spots???
  5. Huge improvement mate, well done!!!
  6. Does anybody know what kind of hormones stress makes? Cause everytime i get stressed about something i get new spots, then i get stressed that ive got new spots and then i get more!! Grief, its a horrible horrible world, ( Any ideas wat hormone it is anyways? Its one of those ones i saw on a program which makes u feel shit by makin ur brain introduce a lovely hormone, do u think it could cause ance? Im sure its called curtisol or sumthing like that....
  7. O dear he did, ok well gussin u were called pizza face, aparently, hum, ok, well accutane if you have spots over 5mm, you need to see your doctor, but if your on the regimen with 5mm spots it wont clear you up, you do require accutane. If you have lots of little spots, then the regimen is for you but DONT TOUCH UR FACE i toched my face the other day for no more than 10 secs, i had been clear for about a week, and next i have 5 new spots lol. This morning i was picking at my face and ive now got
  8. Depends what kind of acne you have, explain what type to us all.. or have a look at this page to see what to expect.. http://acne.org/whattoexpect.html
  9. Ok ill try to reduce the products i use, thanks for the info. )