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  1. http://acne.about.com/od/acnetriggers/f/smokersacne.htm http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Does_smoking_cigarettes_cause_acne
  2. hey whats up im 19 years old its my second month on tane i was a smoker i smoked cigarettes alot my first month on tane...couldnt tell if it was bad cause i was on my IB i still have IBs but i dno i have no clue i quit couple weeks ago i am going to stop for the whole time im on tane. i was a very heavy smoker until i started coughing blood and load of mucus, bad breathe, smell like shit, girls dont like it so everything added up and i decided for now just to put it down i have my whole life to
  3. i smoke cigarettes but recently quit, i smoked my first month on accutane. i will be not smoking until i am done with accutane just to play it safe and hopefully never smoke again. just wondering how bad is it for you if you smoke on tane my derm said it has nothing to do with it but i beg to differ. i could not tell if it was bad because i had an IB, its been couple weeks i quit and i still have couple cysts it is my second month on tane....so yeah it can be because i quit so i dont know BEFO
  4. have not been on this for a while quick update still have couple cyst occuring but over all its been the same, still cleansing and moisturizing being very patient with it.
  5. hey guys quick update before i sleep...the two cysts i had are gone now but i got scared very little and it can show but not worried bout it my skin is dry which means its working and my blackheads has increased but some of them just come out automatically. lips are realllly chapped getting annoying but hey im not gonna die lol so yeah jojoba oil is working for me great i only use it in my shampoo and at night as a moisturizer and flakiness controller... goodnight guys
  6. thanks alot yeah my hair is really dry imma try jojoba oil in my shampoo tonight
  7. one month is up!!! 5or6 more to go...feeling good about it face dry lips dry i ended my first IB on accutane which means its working...well see what happens and bump no body seems to check out my log?!
  8. hey guys its day 26...went to my dermatologist today for my second month prescription and he checked out couple cysts on my face he gave me shots on (face) both of them i kind of forgot what kind of shot it was but he said it had some type of steroid to fight the cyst and to kill it, so my second month i am going to do one day 40mg second day 80mg so its going to be like 1-2-1-2..etc. i kinda got sick couple days now so by far everything is ok and BUMP so everybody can check out my log
  9. Day 17 going on to Day 18 so yeah this is my IB http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/8812/101fp.png http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/1434/102k.png http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/7207/48147929.png i just bought JoJoba Oil today which i like my skin is ok with it and it really helps smooth my skin out, and i have a shipment coming in from acne.org i ordered the moisturizer because i couldnt find a decent one so why not go for the acne.org one i have nothing to lose... jojoba oil can be
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100217/ap_on_...ccutane_verdict
  11. hey man looks good keep it up, well im 19 in college live in cali also and veryyyy athletic...im on day 17 i started exactly on feb 1st, right now im going through a major IB on both cheeks but everything else is getting better mucho dry skin and lips next week is my derm appt so lets see what happens....i kinda changed up my regimen i orded the acne.org moisturizer and i use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and imma start using jojoba oil also at nights only as a secondary moisturizer...goodluck w
  12. how are the results? from the day you started till now is your face clear?
  13. probably need a 2nd course. ive heard that some people needed a second course and once they were done with the second one they were perfectly clean with zero acne
  14. i dont....i have sex with my girlfriend about twice a week and average time is 30-45 min but i still get urges the days i dont have sex but while intercourse my penis kinda dies down but comes back up about 2 min so i cant decide if its effecting me
  15. my eating habits before accutane used to be like crazy craving food but now 2nd week on accutane got my IB and all that junk and one key side effect is i barley eat i mean i eat healthy strong full meals but i never snack or anything like i used to which is good i can lose some weight and be healthy so yeah goodluck
  16. IB damn it cant wait till the ib is gone...whats the average IB people get on accutane once or twice or three time the whole course?
  17. alright guys its exactly been a week on accutane... and not so bad i mean i can deal with it life did not change a bit... it made it better some reason im much happier and i kinda get more tired than i used to after sports but its ok i can last. i kinda got itchy but i think itll go away once my body gets used to it. im guessing after 2 months itll be smooth sailing to the finish line
  18. i am having an issue with my cleanser/moisturizer regimen.... right now i use Cleanser Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Moisturizer Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 i have looked around at stores and some products dont say for Facial/Face it just says Skin and dermotologist approved...i dont get it so when it does not say Facial/Face i shouldnt use it on my face. sound like a moron but serious question im getting annoyed. oh and the products are like eucerin and cetaphil
  19. eucerin original moisturizing lotion i use that one also... but do you use it for your face also or just body, cause i dont use that one for the face.... i know you use the Eucerin Redness Relief Moisturizing lotion for face and is it me or is the eucerin original moisturizing lotion oily
  20. alright guys this post is about which moisturizers you guys use, list them and comment on them and say why you like it.... this should help new accutane users on which one to pick lets be helpful
  21. alrighty guys just wanted to start up a post that list all the cleanser, which one you use and how do you like it, comment on it and make sure you list the cleanser you use first
  22. alright guys day 1 just took my first pill...started off with claravis 40mg once a day. im actually happy and ready for it i will update my log couple twice a month