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  1. hey all! sorry i haven't written in forever...i started college this year and things have been crazy! ok so my skin has been doing really well. I just have one little pimple thats going away. i have been wearing no makeup around so many people now, and i feel pretty comfortable. I've been taking doryx every day (a pill) and then using retin-a .04 monday/wednesday/friday and then epiduo tuesday/thursday/saturday. I also use finacea in the mornings on the spots. so...any questions, i'll try to g
  2. Hey! sorry i took so long to respond. i did start off using the .04 and then my derm switched me to the .1 since its stronger. it is retin-a micro. and yes, i did get some flaking when i first started using both concentrations, just because my skin wasn't used to it. make sure you only use a small amount as well, and you won't flake much at all. always use moisturizer too. let me know if you have any more questions!
  3. hey! so i've forgotten to post for over two months...oops! so my derm took me off of retin-a for a few weeks...cause of graduation and all. and now i'm back into it...i have some bumps under my skin, but retin-a is bringing them out easily. its annoying since i've been so used to having clear skin, but hopefully it'll be back that way soon. i guess i need to keep using retin-a for upkeep, but maybe only a few nights a week once my skin is back to normal. anyway...i'll try to keep posting more! a
  4. after 22 weeks...and technically 5 months yay! skin is clear : ) AND i have prom this weekend! so happy and excited : ) i can't believe I get to enjoy prom with my clear skin...love you, retin-a <3
  5. 21 weeks done : ) and my skin is completely back to being clear! I guess I just freaked out because I was getting a couple bumps on my forehead..but honestly that was probably due to stressing about my AP tests. Anyway...i'm all clear and staying as stress-free as possible. lemme know if you have any questions for me!!
  6. wow....20 weeks. so i only got two tiny whiteheads this week. and my red-marks are getting so much better since i'm getting some sun on my face w/ this beautiful weather. i am starting to get a couple bumps under my skin, but i'm thinking its just cause i cut back from the retin-a...i'll just go back to using it every night and hopefully that'll solve things. ttyl
  7. hey ilovejordanstaal, i know exactly how you feel...my skin was awful around the 6th week. you just have to believe it will get better and stick with the retin-a. the full results don't show themselves until at least the 3rd month...and i continued to get better after the 3rd month as well. of course, i'm still getting whiteheads here and there occasionally, but my skin was majorly improved by the retin-a. if you're not on any antibiotics, i would recommend that you get on them..and also i'm
  8. hey there, so as of tomorrow it will be 19 weeks...which is 4 1/2 months. sorry i kinda forgot about posting...but my skin is doing very well. Except, this week I got a couple whiteheads / bumps..but they went away. Only one of those whiteheads gave me trouble, the other 2-3 were really tiny. So the one that gave me trouble lasted for about 3 days and then i was able to drain it (eww i know, but its necessary) and now its flat and gone. Just a red-mark is left. But honestly that was my first maj
  9. 17 weeks done so i got one small whitehead on friday...but it went away on sunday and today i just have a small red mark. but other than that, my skin is fantastic! red marks continue to fade please...haha. good luck everyone
  10. 16 weeks completed (as of yesterday, oops) I haven't gotten any new whiteheads at all! I'm so happy. Red marks are continuing to improve...but slowly haha. good luck everyone!!
  11. 15 weeks... I'm as clear as I have ever been since the beginning of my teenage years. I am so happy with my skin. My red marks have been fading, and today I just wore a thin layer of powder to even out the color, but I didn't have to cover anything with concealer And my face is so smooth and soft, I can't believe it. Honestly, retin-a is a life saver
  12. yep! retin-a is a tretinoin cream. what are you using on your face? and don't worry, i went through the same thing about 1 1/2 to 2 months in. my skin definitely got worse before it got better, since the retin-a basically brought out all the whiteheads i would have gotten in the next year haha. just stick with it!! good luck let me know if you have any more questions or need to vent! haha
  13. as of today, i've completed 14 weeks : ) I am very happy with the results so far. I have one bump on my chin, but i'm completely smooth everywhere else. My red marks are continuing to fade...gosh they take forever. Anyway, I hope they fade soon! good luck everyone!!
  15. So, i've hit the famous 3-month mark! And i just have two tiny bumps (barely noticeable) that look like they'll turn into little whiteheads. And my red marks are faded even more. Honestly, I've only been getting one or two whiteheads a week these past couple weeks, when before my face was covered in them. I'm so glad I stuck it out through the 3 months...and i'm sure my skin will improve even more after 4 months due to the last few whiteheads clearing out from under my skin and the continuing fa