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  1. Try Bio K+ they are the best that I have ever tried! I get them at whole foods!
  2. Raw Kombucha is really healthy! I drink it everyday! It will not cause you problems with Candida.
  3. Yes it is possible that the bacteria and yeast become resistant to it! You can not use too much, and too little. Go to a health food store and ask about GSE. It is more powerful that tea tree oil, and safer.
  4. No it does not mean it is Gluten free. It has to say Gluten free on it.
  5. Amount is what matter that is true, but if someone wants to really stay perfectly healthy it is best to choose true grains like kamut, millet.
  6. Just make shure you eat lots of raw nuts (for the omegas), and when it comes to probiotics go to a health food store and choose the amount of probiotics that will go well for you. Unfortunatly all of us are forced to take probiotics because our bodies are not living the life we are supposed to be living with harmony with nature. Lost of factors cause problems to the friendly microorganisms in our bodies. So we need to help our bodies out with probiotics.
  7. I personally feel bad how today we are forced to take vitamins, and stuff like that to "stay healthy". Nature is so abused, and this is taking a toll of all us living beings. Anyways I rather eat food, than take vitamins. The only thing I take is Green Vibrance and you can get that from health food stores. Which is consider a food. I make shure I eat lots of veggies, and fruits. Plus bio the most possible(prices), and absolutly NO GMO!
  8. Rice does not cause insulin levels to spike. Only if you eat TOO much of it you should worry, but if you eat the right amount it not going to do anything. If you are not allergic to rice you should not worry. Hey it is also Gluten free which it is good for you! Rice is one of the healthiest thing out there! When I talk about rice I mean the non refined rice! Refined rice is not good.
  9. Thats right. Eating too many carbs, drinking high amounts of fruit juice, eating sugar (sweets), and eating overly eating sweet fruits most of the time is the cause of the problem. Yeh it will be nice when its all over, but im having a problem getting started. I cant believe i ate one kiwi for my lunch today and my stomach got that clogged up feeling straight away, i have no idea whats going on :( Does anyone have ideas at all as to why i cant seem to handle fruits? It can be soo ma
  10. I have suffered alot when it comes to Candida. I had it really bad that I could not even leave the house for days, and I could not even close my legs! I had it for months straight. All the stuff the Gyno gave me DID NOT WORK (it made it worst)! I ended up doing research, and I went to a health store asking about GSE, and tea tree oil. Let me tell you that both of it worked wonders (much better than any meds that the Gyno gave me), and at the mean time I took probiotics! The best probiotic for Ca
  11. You should only eat 2 chicken eggs a week but there are quail eggs out there, and they are much better for you.You can eat them every day. I am not saying that you should, but you could. If I have to choose I rather eat quail eggs than chicken eggs. When it comes to bannanas you can even eat two bananas a day! Banannas are really good for you skin.Eat dates they are full of vitamin B, and they are really high calorie which is a good thing. Probiotics are really important I would start take them
  12. I heard pros, and cons about eating too much tomatoe sauce. I think what is important is that you make the tomatoe sauce yourself by scratch (thats what I do), or you just buy a really good tomatoe sauce. Look at what is in the igredients. I think making it by scratch is better because you can choose the type of oil, and ect. It is healthier for you.
  13. Pasta is not bad but it is allways the quantity, and the quality that counts. I get sprouted whole wheat pasta which is really good(you can get that from a health foods store), if you have a problem with gluten. Get a gluten free pasta. I think the main problem is that carbs feeds yeast, and bacteria. I started to eat sprouted whole grain pasta, and made shure I took plenty of probiotics. I took 50 billion or probiotics a day for a week, and that helped me out to control the yeast and bacteria p
  14. Hi! I just wanted to stay I stoped washing my face also. I have been using Cetaphil at first but it has been irritating my skin! I ended up trying The oil cleansing method yesterday night for the first time, and while I did it, it took off my dead skin while I rubbed the oil in. I am going to see how this works!