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  1. theres no way of telling if it affects your acne but just think about how much booze your consuming. alcohol is also diruetic so your loosing hydration in your body.
  2. sounds like a reaction to something your using on your face? an allergy? I'm a mechanic and washed my hands with the crap hand soap in public washrooms several times a day and found my hands broke out in tiny fluid filled blisters that would ITCH. I swicthed to ivory and they went away in a few weeks. So..check what your using
  3. i've been using pert plus forever and i've been able to reduce my acne to just clogged pores..its only on the forehead..i'm wondering if its the pert plus causing the problem..any ideas?? what does everyone use?? i read somewhere to use herbal essences
  4. i have acne and my gf is a knockout..and when shes gets like one microscopic pimple shes like omg..lol i just laugh and she gets mad haha..i'm like hello!! here take some of my pimples!
  5. lol yeah i'm a plumber and work on toilets alot...its peoples asses that sit down..ur ass doesn;t go around and touch everything like your hands do. but at least the keyboard and mouse doesn;t smell
  6. yo i had this really itchy red patch on my leg like almost like psoriosis..and oh god if i just like touched it it would itch like a F*cker..well after reading some post about omega 6 i remembered that i was taking a 3-6-9 pill in like morning...so i stopped and after like 4 days the patch is totally gone...what a great feeling.acne is better too..no new bumps...does this make sense to anyone?
  7. i use spectro jel everyday as the only thing i put on my face..it does NOT dry out your face...it restores your skins moisture barrier which give you less breakouts
  8. i used to get lip acne cuz in class i always use to touch my upper lip..i stopped touching..like only in the shower do i touch it to wash..i get a tiny lip pimp like once a month now
  9. could be from stress...just relax:)
  10. why would u want to take anything above your daily valve
  11. lol carnuba wax..i put that shit on my truck
  12. umm usually 8 guys at a cottage means a drunken good time and nobody gives a hoot what they smell or look like...just go and party and who cares