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  1. Hey look into the posts on fish oil/omega 3s and zinc. I think that these are helping me a lot. You didn't mention any topicals that you are using? Are you using Dan's regimen at the moment?
  2. Hi, that looks exactly like my jawline and cheeks until about two weeks ago. Even now most of the cysts have gone apart from a few nodules under my jawline, but the scars are still here. I didn't take any medication. Not through choice but because I couldn't get a doctor's appointment until next Monday. What I did, however, was cut back on all the harsh treatments (salicylic acid, glycolic acid etc) and concentrate on nourishing my skin. This was mainly because my skin and cysts were so inc
  3. Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I am in my late 20s and have been suffering from acne since 11. To add to the pain, it has been worse than ever over the past 6 months, and my once mild/moderate acne exploded into very severe cystic acne. Please don't lose hope. By being on this site you are already helping yourself. Have a look at some other people's comments and you'll realise your not alone in this. One thing that has helped me enormously is looking into the nutrition thread. I
  4. Hi, I really feel for you. I have been suffering from severe cystic acne on my jawline for the past few months so I feel your pain. The past few weeks I have experienced a slight improvement in the cysts and the pain that comes with them through a couple of things. I switched from Cetaphil to a balm cleanser (one you massage in then removed with a washcloth). Don't ask why, I have tried so many things it was an experiment?? I carried on using the 2.5% BP and left it to dry for about ten minu
  5. Hey Sparkle I've always used the Panoxyl 2.5% with no problems. Unfortunately, I have never used Dan's products or any other BP product so I have nothing to compare it to, but I have had great results while using it. You can order it online for a couple of pounds a tube so you could possibly try that first before ordering Dan's? The only recommendation I have is to use moisturiser and/or jojoba oil....and LOTS of it! Good luck.
  6. I'm currently using a AHA from bravura london which I ordered over the internet. (www.bravuralondon.co.uk). The product I'm using is a glycolic acid 15% night treatment. I'd love to try Dan's AHA and BP treatment but the postage costs put me off a little. As with the panoxyl, I started off using the glycolic acid really sparingly as it can sting if you use too much.
  7. Hi, Sorry to hear your not having much luck. I'm also from the UK and have been on the regimen since the end of Dec. At the moment I'm using an ASDA face wash, 2.5% panoxyl then simple moisturiser in the day or AHA in the night. I really struggled for the first three months. At first my skin seemed to be clearing, just like yours, but then it seemed to stop improving. For about a month the area around my mouth was really bad and I seemed to have at least a couple of spots at a time. As so
  8. It has definately helped with my own hormornal acne
  9. I would be really grateful if someone could recommend a good sunscreen which can be purchased in the UK. I'm using a moisturiser with SPF15 at the moment which seems to be working ok but I would like to try a separate sunscreen for the summer. Let's just hope the recent good weather continues (crossed fingers)!
  10. I know exactly what you mean, this happens to me aswell! At first my face was pretty red from the BP but know I'm used to it I seem to have a permanent tan on my face. Does this happen to anyone else?
  11. No problem. I don't know if it's an option but I purchased some Jojoba oil from a local chemist which was much cheaper than Dan's. I'd love to try Dan's products but I'm living in the UK and shipping costs are pretty hefty. I also suffer from moderate acne on my face and it seemed to improving rapidly in the first few weeks. I didn't get that 'purge' people talk about until the six week mark which was pretty depressing. I nearly gave up around that point but I'm really glad I stuck with it.
  12. Hey, when I first started the regimen I broke out in places where I had never had problems. It was as if the BP was drawing out all the spots so unfortunately the problem got worse before it got better. I've been on the regimen now for about four months (ish) and I'm seeing real there is hope! As for the moisturiser possibly try a different brand? What are you using at the moment? I promise the dryness/tightness does improve, I found Jojoba oil to be fantastic. All the best
  13. Hey AHA has done a really good job at clearing the active acne and acne marks on my back but the marks on my chest are more stubborn unfortunately. I'm going to keep on treating with AHA as I don't think it's going to do any harm but I'm open to suggestions. Good luck.
  14. Hey, I had this problem about a week ago. In my case the spot was on the left hand side of the chin. I was not really sure how to treat it so I just kept spot treating it with benzyl peroxide. It disappeared completely after a couple of days but I'm still waiting for the actual red mark to fade. I don't have it yet but I know a couple of people on here spot treat with AHA also. Good luck.
  15. I'd really recommend applying a small amount of jojoba oil over your face after you cleanse and then apply your BP and moisturiser. Worked for me!